As summer winds down and focus starts turning to fall events and preparing for your end-of-year push, we at Virtuous have been hard at work on another batch of new features to make your day-to-day easier than before. Here’s some of what you’ll see when you log in on Tuesday morning:

New Menu Icons

Looking at the left-hand navigation menu, you may notice two new icons:

New "All Gifts" Screen

If you are thinking, “Gifts? There’s no Gifts Screen!” Well, now there is! Just like the Contacts screen, now you can click on the dollar sign icon in the main navigation to see all gifts you have access to view for your organization.

Improved Permission Controls

We’ve gone through the product, top-to-bottom, to tighten up controls so that users with restricted permissions are ONLY seeing the data you want them to see.

New Campaign Metrics

We’ve added a column to track ROI to the Campaign Giving Report. In order to use this feature, you’ll want to make sure that you add costs to your Campaign Communications and even use the new cost per Contact on your Campaign Segments


We’ve saved the best for last. But instead of reading about it, go ahead and click below to view a quick video introduction to Filters.

As always, if you have questions about these or any other features in Virtuous CRM, feel free to contact our support team: support@virtuoussoftware.

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