Ah, the start of September! Fall is in the air! Well, it probably is for most of you...here in Arizona where we have our headquarters, it’s still well over a hundred degrees.


But we’ve been spending our time in air-conditioned splendor cooking up a whole host of improvements, which you’ll see when you log in on September first. Read on to see what we have in store for you this month.

Email List Syncing

Let's start with the big one: those of who are using either MailChimp or SendGrid to send emails can now sync lists in those services to tags in Virtuous! When you configure the integration, MailChimp will still have the additional option to create new Contacts in Virtuous:

And on the tag edit screen, you’ll see the option to sync a Tag to any list in your MailChimp or SendGrid account:

When a tag has been synced, it will be identified with a small “link” symbol, both on the Tag screen and even when viewed on a Contact record.

The MailChimp sync is bi-directional; adding a recipient to a list in MailChimp will automatically add a Tag to the corresponding record in Virtuous, and Tagging a Contact will add them to a MailChimp list.

New User Provisioning

Admins, you will love this one. We’ve made it easier to add any number of new users all at once, just by entering a list of email addresses. Now, you’ll also be able to specify a User Permission level and even assign users to an Organization Group, all at once.

Enhanced Filters

In our last release, we introduced Filters, providing a new way to search and create quick lists of Contacts, Gifts, Campaigns and Projects. Since everyone liked Filters so much, we decided to make them even better by adding tabs at the top of the Contacts page and the Gifts page, allowing you to toggle between Contacts or Individuals on the Contacts screen and to select Gifts, Gifts Splits by Project, or Pledges on the Gifts screen.

Private Pledges

Our last release also included the new Private option for anonymous gifts. Well, now we are expanding our Privacy settings to include Pledges as well.

Notes Search

When viewing the Notes tab on a Contact record, you’ll see a new Search box in the upper right that will let you type in a Note Type or keyword to search all of a Contact’s notes.

Redesigned Gift Preview

If you’ve ever clicked on the preview icon to view specifics on a gift, you may have noticed the design was a little...drab. We’ve given the gift preview a facelift to make it look a little more like the rest of Virtuous.


Bulk Edit Pledges

If you’ve ever thought, “Gee, I wish I could query for a whole bunch of pledges and then reassign them all to a different Project,” then we have some news that should brighten your day. Now you can!

.... And the Rest

As always, this release is also chock-full of smaller bug fixes tweaks, and improvements, both large and small. Check it out, and let us know what you think! You can always contact us via email (support@virtuoussoftware. zendesk.com) or use the Help widget in Virtuous to submit a support request.

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