This month's update is brought to you by the number 2: we have two new additions to the gift entry tool, two enhancements to the Query Tool, and the debut of 2FA in Virtuous! What's "2FA"? Well, read on...

If you'd like to see an overview of some of these features in action, you can watch the release video:

Automatically Adding Donors to Organization Groups

If your organization uses the Organization Group and Project Owner functions to track and manage user restrictions in Virtuous, the gift transaction tool will now automatically suggest adding givers to an organization group based upon the project they're giving to. Gift processors will have the opportunity to review and a remove the suggestions during the reconciliation process.

Adding Tags to Donors

As if adding givers to Organization groups wasn't enough, now you can add tags to donor accounts when processing gifts through the bulk Gift Transaction Tool.

Searching by Gift Type

You asked for it, and it's here! We've added the ability to search for Gifts in the Query Tool by Gift Type. Just add a new search criteria line to your Gift Query, and select "Gift Type" and you'll be able to include or exclude specific Gift Types from your search results.

New Event Invitation Query Type

Say hello to a whole new Query type! Now, you can search for a list of Event invitees and export a list with Contact and Event information included. Go ahead and check it out!

Two-factor Authentication

Data security is always top-of-mind for the Virtuous Team. That's why we've added the ability to have an additional layer of security to your Virtuous login. This feature is not required, but is available to all users that choose to opt-in. If you'd like to add this extra layer of security to your user account, check out our how-to in the Virtuous Support Center.

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