Campaigns in Virtuous are the top category of a hierarchy consisting of Campaigns, Communications and Segments. Campaigns may describe a coordinated outreach effort -- think “Fall Membership Drive” or “New Library Capital Campaign” -- or they may simply be a way to capture your annual fundraising efforts. The Campaign structure can be adapted for any size organization, and allows smaller nonprofits to grow as goals increase and campaigns become more expansive. The basic campaign hierarchy looks like this:

For a smaller organization, this hierarchy might practically be set up to look something like this:

In this scenario, we see that there are three main fundraising efforts going on for the year: online donations are being collected, likely with a "Donate Now" link on the organizations website, there is a gala fundraiser event in the spring, and there's one mailer that goes out at the end of the year.

For larger, more complex organizations running several campaigns throughout the year, this hierarchy would look a little different. Here's an example of a single campaign:

Even this is somewhat simplified; some organizations may have dozens of segments for a single mailing. But you get the idea.

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