When you run a query, there are a number of ways to see your results. From the Build Query screen, click on the “View Results” button to view data on-screen, or click on the “View Results” icon to the right of any saved query. The field selections when viewing data in Virtuous are hard-coded, so if you’d like to view specific data, you will want to export data instead. To export, look for the “Download CSV” button, visible on the Build Query screen or in the upper-right when viewing results.

In either case, you’ll be taken to the field selection screen. Scroll through to pick and choose the specific fields you want. The fields available will vary based on your query type. IN a Contact query, for example, you can choose to see Contact fields, Individual fields, Contact Methods, Addresses, and even Giving Statistics.

The export field selections for a Gift query include the option to split by Project fields, including Name, Code, and External Accounting Code. The split option is the only way to include Project data in a Gift export. If any Gift is split among two or more Projects, that Gift will be listed on two or more rows in the corresponding export.

Fields will be added to your export in the order that they are selected, which will allow you to control the field order for your output file. Once you export or save a query, the field selections will be saved as well.

When viewing the results of a Gift query, you’ll have an additional export option, to generate an IIF file. The IIF file type is specifically for import to QuickBooks desktop, allowing you to sync Gift data with your accounting system.

For all other exports, once you’ve selected your output fields, just click on “Download CSV” to generate your export file. You’ll see an on-screen prompt when your file is ready, and a notification badge will also appear on the export icon in the upper right when your file is ready to download. You can also click on the “view all exports” option to view and download and of your recent exports.

Once you’ve mastered the art of the export, you can check out some of our other Query Tool training videos to learn even more.

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