When viewing the results of a query, the Actions button in the upper right will allow users to perform bulk actions or updates for all records included in the query results. Note that the ability to perform these updates does require users to have the Contact Write permission AND Bulk Edit permission; users without these permissions will need to speak with their admin.

The bulk actions available will vary based on your query type. Here, for example, we have a Contact query, so we have the ability to add notes, add or remove tags Tags, create tasks, archive records, add or remove them to or from an Organization Group, and even edit Custom Fields. The first option, add to Email List, will allow you to add Individuals from these Contact to one or more lists, and includes the ability to specify whether you’d like to add the Primary Individual, Primary and Secondary, or all Individuals to your lists.

From the results of a Gift query, one of the bulk edit options is Receipt Gifts, which is the primary way users will run Gift receipts. Note that receipting Gifts can be done by users WITHOUT Write permission on Gifts, so long as they have the Bulk Edit permission for Gifts. Again, users without the correct permission should speak with their admin.

Whenever performing a bulk edit or action, it is always recommended that you name and save your query.

When you process a bulk update, you’ll see an onscreen warning to let you know that you should not change your query criteria until the bulk edit or update is complete. Once it is complete, you’ll receive an email to let you know, with a recap of the bulk action.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of making bulk edits, you’ll be well on your way to being a Virtuous ninja. Check out the rest of our video training to complete your journey.

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