Virtuous has be updated and is eagerly awaiting a playmate. Check out what's new below, watch the video, and log in to take advantage of these new features!

Best Calls to Make Today

  • The Best Calls to Make Today now includes a broader range of data points — Last Note Date, Last Gift Date, Life-to-Date Giving Amount to name a few — helping you get a better view into who the giver is at a glance.
  • We comb through all available giving and social data saved to your giver’s account to assign them a social and financial score. Each giver account is ranked against all other givers in the system.

Gift & Contact Import Tool

  • Tighter integration with GivingFuel’s API integration means cleaner data and more stability around gifts, pledges and recurring gifts.
  • We’ve made a few minor updates to addresses missing data in the UI some users were experiencing from time to time.

Query Builder

  • We’ve made it much much, much, much (is that enough muches?) easier to search using the query builder. You can now type to find the name of the data you want to search on. As you start to type, we’ll filter the list of available fields — sooooo much better than sifting through a list of dozens of fields.

Event & Volunteer Management

  • We’ve made a few updates and fixes to better allow you to invite individuals to attend an event or participate as a volunteer.
  • You can now add users as invitees or attendees in bulk via the query builder.
  • Inviting individuals to an event via email has been corrected for the few users that had some trouble since our last release.

Pledges & Recurring Gifts

  • Pledge, recurring gift, pledge balance information, and pledge payment data has been massaged and reworked to give you a clean view into the status of a giver’s pledge.
  • We also squashed a few bugs concerning pledge & recurring giving reports available on  your Dashboard.
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