So you are migrating to Virtuous. Welcome aboard! We're glad to have you.

Hopefully, the migration process to this point has been relatively smooth. By now, you've got your data loaded in to Virtuous, and you've been tasked with doing some QA (Quality Assurance) testing to make sure the migration was a success.

If you've never done QA testing before, not to worry. We've got some general recommendations that should help surface any issues that need to be addressed with your migration consultant:

Check Out Some of Your Favorites

Odds are, there are at least a few contacts in your database that you know very well. Choose somewhere between 5-10 familiar contacts and take a close look at their records. If possible, have their record in your legacy system available too so you can compare the data. Check for accuracy and note any errors. You want to play close attention to details like:

  • Contact Methods: Are the phone numbers/email addresses/social profiles correct? Have they been mapped to the correct individual?
  • Tags: If your migration included Tags, have they been populated correctly?
  • Contact Notes: You will have to navigate to the Notes tab on a contact record to view any imported Contact Notes. Do the notes appear to be correct? In some migrations, data from multiple fields may need to be combined in the notes field - check to make sure the formatting is correct.
  • Gifts: Navigate to the Giving tab and check to make sure the donation history is correct and matches the data from your legacy system. In Virtuous, different types of gifts are displayed in separate sections on the Giving tab, which may differ from your legacy system. Be sure to check every section. If your legacy system included Passthroughs, or soft credits, pay extra attention to see that they have been mapped correctly.
  • Relationships: If your migration included Relationships, have they been populated correctly?
  • Custom Fields: If your migration included Custom Fields, have they been populated correctly? Are they mapped to the right contacts or individuals, or both? Pay close attention to the field type -- some may be drop-down lists, others may be free text fields or set up for date/time values -- and see if these are correct.

Get to Know Some Unfamiliar Givers

Once you've gone through and spot-checked some of your well-known contacts, do the same for 5-10 randomly selected contacts, preferable ones that you don't know very well. Compare the data in Virtuous to that in your legacy system, and look closely at some of the same details as before. Take note of any errors.

Spot Check and Reconcile Gift History

Select a few different months, or other time periods, and run a query for all gifts in Virtuous and in your legacy system and compare the two. In Virtuous, you'll need to navigate to the Query Tool and select to run a Gift query. To specify gifts within a specific period, specify the start and end dates, as shown below:


Click the "Execute" button to see the total number of gifts within the specified period. If this does not match the legacy system, make a note of the difference between both systems.

Next, click on "Edit Query" in the upper left to go back and export your data to a csv file. Be sure to name and save your query before you export it. Otherwise, your export may not run correctly. You may have to wait for the export to complete; in the meantime, you can move on to spot-check another time period. Once your export file is ready, you can open it in Excel and calculate the total giving amount to see if the dollar total matches the total in your legacy system. Make note of any discrepancies.

Check Projects and Gifts By Project

If your migration included multiple Projects, or funds, navigate to the Projects screen and browse through a few randomly selected Projects and Subprojects. Take note of specific details like:

  • Project Hierarchy and Structure - Have all of the Projects and Subprojects been set up correctly, and are the right Subprojects associated with the right parent Projects?
  • Project Settings: Depending on your organizational needs, you may have specific Project settings to configure, including values for Project Type, Inventory Status, and Location. Are these set up correctly?
  • Custom Fields: If your Projects include Custom Fields, have they been populated correctly? Pay close attention to the field type -- some may be drop-down lists, others may be free text fields or set up for date/time values -- and see if these are correct.
  • Gift Totals: The header on the Project screen displays the total giving for that Project. Do these totals match the totals listed in your legacy system?

After spot-checking projects, you can use the Gifts by Project or Project Summary reports on the dashboard to view project giving totals for a few specific months, or other time periods, and compare them to the same time period in your legacy crm. Take note of any differences.

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