While you were sound asleep, the Virtuous Team was hard at work to bring you the latest batch of updates & improvements. Watch the video below for a quick 1-2-3 on what you should expect to see when you log in or keep scrolling down to get the full release notes.


  • Projects in Virtuous have always had a toggle option for marking them as active for informational purposes. We've heard from many of you that they would like to be able to hide inactive projects from the list of available options in our gift entry screens. So with this release, we listened. Projects that are not marked as Active will be hidden on gift entry dropdowns lists. What does this mean for you? In order to accommodate this change, ALL projects in Virtuous will now be marked as Active. If you have previously marked any projects as Inactive, you will need to do so again to hide these projects on gift entry.
  • You can also restrict access to Projects for any permissions groups you have for your organization. By default, all permission groups will have access to view, create, edit, and delete projects — just as they have been allowed to up to this point.

Archived Contacts

  • We’ve all done it: accidentally archived the wrong contact. The Virtuous Team has made it easier in this release to get these contacts and all their data back. You can see a list of all archived contacts at https://app.virtuoussoftware. com/Generosity/contact/ archived — clicking on any of these records will allow you to “unarchive” the contact.


  • We’ve made a correction to the Gifts by Project Report available on your dashboard. Exporting the report to CSV or XLS now includes the Project Name in the downloaded data
  • A small bug has been resolved where some organizations were seeing canceled pledges in the Pledge Payments report

Query Builder

  • Pledge statistics — including First Pledge Date, First Pledge Amount, Last Pledge Date and Last Pledge Amount — are available as search options in contact queries. You can also filter contacts by Owner (Organization Groups). All of these fields are available when exporting the query results to a CSV.
  • When searching for information by date, you can now use the date picker to select the data in a calendar view. If typing is more your cup of tea, you can still manually type the date.
  • While we’re on searching by date, we’ve introduced a new feature to allow you to search by a relative date like “Start of this Month” or “180 days ago.” To search by relative date, select either “Before” or “After” in the search criteria and we’ll provide you a list of options. This feature will be especially helpful for saved queries used for reporting purposes and running communication segmentation.
  • Tribute data is now available for filtering and export in gift queries
  • Gifts split between more than one project will now show up in multiple rows when exporting gifting data to CSV
  • Want to see a list of gifts that have come in that are associated with pledges or planned gifts? Use the new “Related to Pledge?” and “Related to Planned Gift?” fields in your gift query criteria to filter the giving by this information.

Miscellaneous, Yet Noteworthy

  • We’ve added a handy “Help” button on the bottom right-hand corner of every screen. Click this to search our library of resources, videos and help documentation without every having to leave Virtuous.
  • Have you ever wondered how long it might take for a file to export? We’ve added a progress bar to the export status screen to take out the guess work.
  • Organizations with international offices will be pleased to hear all dates are now formatted according to your organization cultural settings — so some of you will see today’s date as 18/10/2016 while most will continue to see it as 10/18/2016.
  • When creating a one-off new contact in Virtuous, you can now enter custom field data at the household and individual levels before adding the record to the system
  • Auto-generated tasks can now be created for any new pledges added to contacts’ profiles.

Announcing Beta Release of Virtuous Automation

We teased this out in our last email release, and today it’s finally here. We couldn’t possibly be more excited to offer a limited beta release of Virtuous Automation to our customers.

Automation is a brand new tool built right into Virtuous that allows you to take specific actions on givers based upon their behavior — all without having to pull a report, analyze data or manually create yourself a follow-up reminder.

  • Build a new donor welcome series to send out emails and create auto-generate tasks for your team to call the giver.
  • Create a workflow to automatically tag and send a handwritten thank you card to a donor when they reach important giving milestones.
  • Follow any donor that gives a gift in your region over a specific dollar amount.
  • Create a pre-lapsed and lapsed donor follow-up campaign using marketing best practices to improve donor retention.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Space is limited, so contact your Account Manager or drop us a line at info@virtuoussoftware.com if you’d like to have early beta access to Virtuous Automation.

Stay tuned for more updates in just a few weeks. We love hearing what our most passionate and innovative users want to see in Virtuous… so don’t forget to send us your two cents. Smoke signals, skywriters, and morse code are all acceptable forms of communication — but we’d prefer an email at info@virtuoussoftware.com.

See you in a few short weeks.
The Virtuous Team

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