Virtuous has been updated!


  • If you use iDonate, GivingFuel, or Raise Donors for your online donations, we’re now storing the system something or other blah blah blah…. The important thing to know is Virtuous will be able to automatically reconcile online gifts to givers in Virtuous moving forward. Previously, when transactions would fall into “needs a match” will now go into “needing an update” – if new contact information has been provided – or “ready to import.”
  • The long-awaited EventBrite integration is here. If you use EventBrite to help manage events, contact your Account Rep for a quick tour around the features and functionality. We’ll even help you get your account shaking hands with Virtuous.
  • New records added directly to MailChimp – let's say you have a MailChimp email sign-up form on your website – will be synced with Virtuous. There’s a quick reconciliation process you’ll need to take to make sure the right email address is synced with the right contact – but your Account Rep can give you the ins and outs on this.
  • We’ve laid the groundwork for HubSpot bi-directional integration. What does that practically mean to you? New contacts and touch-points in HubSpot will get synced into records in Virtuous.

Bulk Gift Import Tool

  • Perhaps it’s time to change the name to the Gift and Pledge Import Tool because you can now import pledges in bulk absent an actual gift. This is great news for anyone doing big events where you ask supporters to make a commitment of support in the future instead of a financial contribution at the event itself.
  • Make sure to download the latest import template. Just click "gift template" in the left-hand column of the Gift and Contact Import screen.

Exports and Receipting

  • Are you a tagger? A semicolon delimited list of Contact Tags is now available for export in the Contact and Gift query builder CSV exports. That’s fancy developer talk for: get the tags you need when you need 'em.
  • Speaking of CSV exports - now you can export the Legacy Contact ID. If you’ve recently migrated to Virtuous, this will help you navigate the old system IDs vs Virtuous IDs
  • Have you ever wanted to email all individuals under a contact record to say “thank you” for a gift? Now you can! When you export gift data from the query builder, you can select any number of contact methods (email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, etc).

User Permissions

Everything else

  • A fix was made to correct an issue showing what communication pieces users received in the "latest" feed on the Giver Detail Screen.
  • We've made the process of running segmentation queries from the Fundraising Campaign builder faster, more stable, and corrected some timeout issues you may have received in the past.
  • We've made some updates to the Gifts by Project report available from the dashboard. First a correct: we've suppressed any deleted transactions from showing up in the report; second we've improved the reporting precision for gifts split across projects by including dollars and cents instead of rounding the reporting data to the nearest dollar.
  • Some users experienced issues dismissing records from the Best Calls to Make Today feature on the homepage. Don't worry: you're good to go now!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this latest batch of features so get in touch with your Account Manager! And as always - we want your input on future updates so don't hold back.

The Virtuous Team

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