The latest version of Virtuous has be released and is waiting patiently for you to login. We created a video walk-through of some of the major updates for your viewing pleasure.

… or you can read the full update below.

Volunteerism Module

Virtuous has a brand new feature for you to create and manage volunteer opportunities at your organization. Watch the video above for a quick overview or email your Account Manager for more information.

Gift Import Tool

Major updates are here for the bulk Gift Import Tool.

  • We’ve made several updates our matching algorithm to make better matches to the right giver. Now when a single “Potential Match” is found, we’ll automatically match the gift to the returned contact record and drop the transaction into “Needs Updates” or “Ready for Import”
  • When addresses come into the import tool with zip plus 4, we’ll automatically append this information to the matching address if it isn’t already in Virtuous. One less edit for you to make from your end!
  • When a new email address comes and no email addresses already exist for a single individual under a contact, we’ll automatically add the email address for you.
  • Now when you click the “Edit Donor Info” button from the records needing updates section, you will be take directly to the giver edit screen.
  • Email addresses coming into the tool are now checked against all available data associated with every individual under the contact. We’ll make sure you no longer see this as a discrepancy that requires you to update the contact if it already exists.

What does all that mean? Cleaner data, less time entering gifts, and more time spent building relationships with your givers.

Query Builder

  • You can get your givers’ Legacy Contact ID (the unique identifier from your previous CRM) and a semicolon-delimited list of Giver Tags exported from Gift and Contact Query Builder CSV exports.
  • Project exports now include a URL for images that have been uploaded to projects
  • A new Query Builder type - Contact Individuals - has been added as a search option.


  • The Project Summary and Gifts by Project reports can now both be filtered by Project Type, Location, and/or Parent Project.
  • We’ve made a few minor fixes where some users had issues exporting reports to CSV and Excel
  • The Activity report now shows the full text of Notes added on givers’ accounts instead of truncating lengthy notes that are included from time to time.

Email notifications

Users subscribed to multiple email notifications - particularly auto-generated notifications based upon giver activity - are going to get a little relief in their inboxes. If five or more notifications are triggered, you’ll get all the information you previously received wrapped up nicely in a single, tidy email.

Project Expenses

  • Organizations with team members raising their own support can now track their monthly expenses vs. money raised and calculate their balance sheet and even adjust their goals if needed
  • Organizations with remote field projects can now track fund disbursements to the field
  • Expense totals are now included in the Project Summary report for a more thorough snapshot of project activity

Merging Contacts

Please hold your applause… but, yes, it’s here! The long-awaited “force merge” process has been added to the Contact De-duplication tool. If you happen to come across two contact records that need to be merged, you can now enter each of their Contact IDs to force them into the merge process.

Mobile Apps

Android and iPhone users have probably already downloaded the latest and greatest from the respective app stores. In case you didn’t see the release notes there, here are just a few of the items we updated in both apps:

  • Minor UI updates for improved usability
  • Improved user permission handling to limit data visibility for certain users
  • Added the ability to remove specific contact methods on individuals under a contact record
  • Improved access and interaction between gifts, pledges and gift asks
  • Improved error handling and stability updates

Still haven’t download the app? Get it today from Google Play or the App Store.

Our next update is just around the corner. Stay tuned for more features to help you raise more money and do more good. If you have any suggestions for a future update, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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