When transactions are processed in the Gift & Contact Import Tool, they can be sorted into one of three “buckets,” which are shown at the bottom of the screen: Match Needed, Update Needed, and Ready for Import.

When manually entering Gifts, as seen in the “Finding Your Donor” video, transactions will not be sorted into the Match Needed category. Transactions will only be identified as needing a match when importing via an uploaded csv file, or when gift data is posted from Virtuous Giving or any giving integration that uses the Virtuous API. In these cases, if there is not enough information to definitively match a transaction to an existing Virtuous Contact, then the transaction will be flagged as Match Needed. All Contact data associated with a transaction, including names, email, phone, and address, and in some cases, Contact IDs or even external Reference IDs, are used in determining the correct match.

In some cases, Virtuous may identify a possible match, or multiple possible matches, and display them on the right side of the screen. Scroll to review these matches, and then either click to select the correct matching Contact, or use the quick key command to select the first matching record in the list.

There will also be cases where a match cannot be found, typically when a new donor gives their first gift. When this happens, you’ll see that Virtuous automatically begins to create a new record, using all of the data provided with a transaction to begin creating a new Contact. Just click to create the new records, or use the quick key command to instantly create the new Contact and select them as a match.

Once you’ve tackled your Match Needed records, you can move on to those where an update is needed. You can learn about this in another video. And make sure to check out all of the videos in our Gift Processing series to learn all there is to know about working with gifts in Virtuous.

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