When transactions are processed in the Gift & Contact Import Tool, they can be sorted into one of three “buckets,” which are shown at the bottom of the screen: Match Needed, Update Needed, and Ready for Import.

Transactions may be sorted into the “Update Needed” category for one of two main reasons. Either there is some new Contact data included with a transaction, or there is an error that needs to be addressed in order to import a particular gift. Contact data updates will be highlighted in a nice mustard-yellow color, and are entirely optional. Errors will be flagged in red, and must be corrected in order to continue.

Contact data updates may include changes to addresses, contact methods, names, or even adding new Individuals. In cases where a transaction is matched to a Contact, but Virtuous identifies the donor as a new Individual, you’ll be prompted to add the Individual. Sometimes, because only the first name may be different, Virtuous may match to an existing Individual and flag the first name as needing to be updated. If the donor does appear to be the same person — for example, if a nickname was used instead — then you may choose to update or ignore the existing record in Virtuous. If the donor really should be a new Individual, then you can look for the green “selected” icon next to the matched Individual, and click on the “X” to de-select that Individual. You’ll need to click “Save and Continue” — or “Save and Close” — at the bottom of the screen, and then you’ll see that you have the option to add a new Individual instead.

If a new address is identified, then you’ll be given the option to add it to the matched Contact, add it and make it the new Primary address, or ignore the update altogether. You’ll see the same options when a new email address or phone number is found; just click on the question mark icon to select an option.

While all of these updates are optional, errors are not - they must be addressed in order to complete your import. Errors may be caused by a number of factors. For example, you may have imported a gift with an invalid, or inactive, project code. In a case like this, you will see the Project field shaded in red, with an error message indicating the specific issue. In the cases on an invalid Project — or Segment, Media Outlet, or Premium — you will need to delete the value, and provide a new one if possible, and then save and continue.

If an error relates to more than just one field, then the entire gift area may be surrounded by a red border, with an error message above indicating the specific issue. Errors like this may include Project designation amounts that exceed the Gift Amount. You may need to review the actual check or Gift in order to determine whether the Gift Amount needs to be adjusted, or the designation amount, and then save and continue once you have made the necessary corrections.

If there is still an error after making corrections, a transaction will remain in the Update Needed category.

Once you’ve reviewed and updated your transactions, you should have all of your Gifts ready to import. Check out our other Gift Entry videos to learn even more.

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