Note: Only users with Admin permissions can manage users. If you do not have the correct permissions, please contact your internal Virtuous admin for assistance.

In order to add new users, you'll first want to navigate to the Settings menu and click on "Manage Permissions."

There, confirm that the Current Default for your organization is correct. The standard default in Virtuous is "Admin," meaning that any new users will be added to Virtuous with full system administrator permissions. It's generally best to add new users at the "User" level, and then increase their permission level once they have set up their account. To learn more about customizing user permissions, check out our support article on the topic.

Once you've confirmed that the Current Default permission level is correct, navigate to the Settings menu again and select "Manage Team."

Click on the blue button in the upper-right labeled "Invite a Team Member."

Enter the email addresses for any users you wish to invite. Once those users have accepted their invitation to Virtuous, meaning they have set up their login and password, you will see a "Yes" in the Accepted column and the user's name and avatar icon will be shown in the user list.

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