The iDonate integration for Virtuous will allow gifts to flow directly into Virtuous so they can be bundled and imported via the Gift Transaction tool.

To configure your integration, navigate to the Settings menu, click on the "Connectivity" tab, and then select "Manage Application Keys."

Click on the blue "Create an Application Key" button in the upper-right to add a new application key. Select "iDonate" from the list of options.

Copy the generated application key; you'll need to provide that information to your support representative at iDonate. They will then set up and test your Virtuous connection.

Once the connection is established, you will have two options which you'll need to discuss with your iDonate representative:

1) You may start having iDonate gifts flow directly into Virtuous for import, ignoring any historical iDonate transactions. Choose this option if you have already imported legacy giving data.

2) You may ask the iDonate team to push over all past iDonate transactions to import giving data. You may choose this option if you have not yet imported legacy giving data. However, be aware that you will still need to manually import any gift transactions NOT processed via iDonate.

In addition to selecting a sync method, you'll want to make sure that each of your giving pages includes Segment Codes and Project Codes that sync with the values already set up in your Virtuous instance.

As gifts are received, they can be seen in real time on the Transactions page in Virtuous. Gift transactions will be bundled nightly and bundled together into an import file. These imports will be visible on the Gift and Contact Import page as they are available.

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