The key to effectively tracking deceased Individual in Virtuous is to remember that Individuals are people; Contacts are not. So, while Individuals may pass away, Contacts do not.

If an Individual does pass away, you can navigate to their Contact record, select that Individual by clicking on their name, and then click on the Edit icon to edit the information for that Individual.

In the "Deceased?" field, select "Yes" and click "SAVE."

You will then see a red "Deceased" indicator next to that Individual's name.

If the deceased Individual is part of a Contact record that includes other Individuals, you may want to edit the Contact information as well. For example, if one spouse within a household passes away, the surviving spouse may want to have their deceased loved one's name removed from future mailings. In these cases, the Contact Name and Informal Name will need to be edited.

Some widows or widowers may wish to keep their deceased spouse listed, for purposes of recognition in annual reports. As with most things, it's best to communicate with your donors and respect their preferences.

If all Individuals within a particular household are deceased, then it's best to archive the Contact. From the main Contact screen, click on the Edit icon, scroll to the bottom, and then click on the red "ARCHIVE" button. Archived Contacts will not be returned in Contact queries or visible on the Contacts page, so this will prevent these Contacts from being included in future mailings.

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