We hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Here at Virtuous, we’ve managed to stumble out of our tryptophan haze and we’ve been hard at work on some cool new features which are coming your way. Read on to see what you can expect from our latest release.

Personal Email Syncing

For many of you who are fundraisers, we know this one will be a big boost. We now have a new email sync feature that will allow you to log sent emails from any email provider as Contact notes in Virtuous automatically. Cool, eh?

Users will be able to select a specific email address to use with syncing. Once a sync account is set up, just CC emailsync@virtuossoftware.com to automatically log an email as a Contact Note in Virtuous.

This email sync feature is an add-on feature, with a cost per user. To learn more about pricing, contact your Virtuous Account Rep.

If you are currently using the Virtuous Chrome plugin to sync emails via your Gmail account, please be aware that while that feature is still active, with the rollout of this new email sync feature, we will no longer be supporting or updating the Chrome plugin.

Project Statements

Ever wanted a snapshot of a single month for one of your Projects in Virtuous? Well, now, you can see one, and even print a hard copy statement, right from the Projects screen.

If you are using Projects to track fund for staff support, now you can provide your team members with a concise document that captures activity for any specified time period you want.

...And The Rest

Well, shucks, these are two pretty big features, which we are super excited to be able to roll out to you as you make the year-end fundraising push. But as with every release, there are numerous other improvements, fixes and tweaks. Some are behind the scenes, to help make Virtuous run better than ever, and some you may see the next time you log in. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contacts us at support@virtuoussoftware.com.

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