The lower section of the Impact tab provides a space for Impact Updates. This space allows field staff to communicate successes, milestones, and other news about a project. These updates can be shared with project givers to help keep them engaged. Just type in your note text. Notes are automatically added using the current date -- use the "Override Note Date" field if you'd like to select an alternative date. Click the drop-down below and you'll see there are four choices:

  • General Update: Used for most field updates
  • Payroll: Used to communicate pay information with field staff who are raising their own support
  • Update from giver: Used to store letters from givers, primarily for sponsorship organizations
  • Update for giver: Used to store letters from a sponsored individual to their sponsor

For these last two options, a search box will appear to connect the update with a specific giver.

Below the Type drop-down, you'll see a search field that allows an update to be tied to a specific Project Goal. Just start typing to search for a specific Goal. And finally you'll see a space to attach PDFs or other files.  Especially for sponsorship organizations, you may have physical notes to attach to giver updates.

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