Here at Virtuous HQ, February is just flying by! With so much going on, we wanted to be sure to keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest. Read on to see some of the highlights!

New Data on the Gift Entry Screens

We've heard feedback from so many clients, asking for improvements to our gift import tool. And when you speak, we listen! So we’ve added a few new touches that you’ll see the next time you do Gift Entry.

First, on the Main Gift and Contact Import screen, you’ll see that imported batches now list totals.

We've also made each of the column headers on this screen clickable, so you can sort using data in any column. If you’ve ever scrolled through pages and pages looking for any lingering “Processed” imports, you’ll be happy to hear that’s a thing of the past. 

Within the Import tool, we’ve added a few items to the view on each matched transaction. Now, you’ll be able to view that 3 most recent Gifts for any Contact, and the most recent Important Note for any Contact.

And finally, to speed up Gift Entry, users can now just hit “Enter” after selecting a Project and keying in an amount, instead of having to Tab over to “Add.” Because less keystrokes means more efficiency for you.

New Look for Contact Notes

The Notes tab on Contact records has had a small redesign. Now, you’ll see a small arrow near the top of the Notes screen. Click to expand and you’ll see all the options to create a new note. 

Below that, we’ve added the ability to filter on Contact Notes, just like the Filtering functionality on the Contact and Gifts pages.


Improved Social Contact Methods

As a startup, we are totally hip and with it. So we’ve added Instagram to our list of Contact Methods. You’ll also see a newer look to existing social media Contact Methods, like Twitter and Facebook. 


More Receipting Options

When viewing the Giving tab of a Contact record, we’ve replaced the “Send Receipt” and “Resend” links with a new Receipting Options icon. 

The Send Receipt and resend commands used to include only the option to send a single receipt by email, but now you’ll be able to choose between sending via email or printing a PDF. 

Clicking on any Receipt listed on the receipts section of the Giving Tab will also open a preview version of the actual receipt sent in a new tab.

And for users who use Virtuous receipt templates to send receipts via email, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve restored the ability to send email receipts in bulk from the results of a Gift query. We’ve taken the time to make a few improvements under hood on the email receipt functionality as well, all of which should lead to a better experience.


New Widget Options

We know that so many of you rely on the dashboard widgets to keep track of your progress. We’ve made a few design tweaks to some of the “Big Numbers” widgets, where now you’ll see some color coding to make it easier to scan for critical information. Increases in value will be displayed in green, while decreases will show in red text. 

We've also added additional data parameters, allowing for filtering by calendar month in additional to the existing options like "Last 30 days” and “This Year.”


But Wait, There’s More

  • New Premium Fields - When creating new Premiums, users can now specify a Cost and Inventory Count
  • Better searching - Phone numbers can now be used to find Contacts via the “Search for…” box
  • Event Attendee Querying - We’ve added the ability to search for Event Invitees who are specifically flagged as having attended a particular event
  • Redesigned Tasks for Grants - We’ve given the tasks tab on Grants a slight makeover, to make it look and feel more like the Tasks tab on a Contact record
  • New Filter Options - New fields, like Contact Type, have been added to filters

Whew! That's a lot for such a short month. And rest assured, our whole team is already hard at work on bringing you even more new features and learning opportunities in the months to come, so stay tuned.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

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