It's hard to believe March is already here! That means two things:

  1. It'll be roughly 713° at Virtuous HQ in Downtown Phoenix in the next couple weeks
  2. We have a brand-spankin'-new batch of updates that rolled out last night just waiting patiently for you

Here's a brief overview of some of the changes you should expect to see when you log into Virtuous this morning.

Gift Transaction Tool

Require Project Designations on all gifts
You asked and we listened! We've released a new, optional, organization-wide setting to force all gifts to have a project designation.

If you're a Virtuous admin for you organization, you can turn this setting on by selecting the checkbox in your Organization Settings. Turning this setting on will do two things for your gift import process:

  1. All gifts imported into Virtuous will be required to have at least one project
  2. The designation splits must equal the gift amount to pass validation and be saved in Virtuous.

This new feature will apply to all new gifts imports moving forward. Existing gifts and your legacy data will not be affected by opting in to this new feature.

Bug fixes and Usability Updates
We've made a number of updates, performance improvements and general updates to the gift transaction tool to improve usability and generally improve your day.

Email Marketing

Canceling Scheduled Emails
We've added the ability to cancel marketing emails you've scheduled in Virtuous.

Scheduled Timeline
Corrected a bug some users were experiencing scheduling an email up to 3 days out. As a reminder, you can schedule emails to send up to 72 hours in the future in Virtuous.

NEW: Email Types & Unsubscribe Preferences
Don't you hate it when a contact unsubscribes from email A, and they no longer receive email B? Me too! We've built a new feature to create new email "types" in Virtuous -- and each will have their own unique unsubscribe group in Virtuous. So if a donor no longer wants to receive your blog updates, they'll still get your e-appeals and monthly newsletter.

Contact Records

Origin Segment Code
We've added a new data point - Origin Segment Code - to help you better track how donors are coming on file at your organization. Typically, a "segment" in Virtuous was related to how a gift came in. But now you can use a segment to track how a contact was originally created in the database. This will be particularly helpful for organizations that do large online acquisition campaigns that don't genereally include a gift.

Other Noteworthy Updates
We've updated a number of things around contacts - but you'll be most excited about:

  • Easier updates and removal of contact profile photos
  • Better display of primary addresses associated with a contact
  • Viewing the date & time a contact was created in Virtuous


Project Owners
A quick and simple - but important - update: you can more easily see Project Owners when viewing a Project Detail Screen

Query Tool

We've updated a few things to improve usability and performance concerning the query tool... but you'll really want to know about the "Has Address" option for your marketing data pulls.


Tasks for Contacts in an Organzation Group
Users can now create tasks associated with contacts in a specific Organization Group. This will be particularly helpful for Development Reps or any users limited to specific subsets of contacts in Virtuous.

Wealth Data

Organizations with DonorSearch Integration built into Virtuous will see a few updates on how Virtuous handles updates and new requests for ad-hoc Wealth Data updates. We have a few updates on the docket for managing and viewing historical changes to a contact's Wealth Data -- so stay tuned for more updates here in the coming weeks.

What's that you say? You don't use DonorSearch? Well now your wealth data overlays are easier to import and will live in the same place on a contact record as though you're fully integrated with DonorSearch.

Also, we've updated the query tool to make searching on wealth data quick and painless. Just do a new contact query and search by the appropriate data field and you're good to go!

Don't have DonorSearch integrated with Virtuous? Contact your Sales Rep or the Support Team to learn more about how Virtuous can give you even more insights into your donors.

Gift Attachments

Saving the best for last -- just to make sure you're reading the whole email 

 -- we've added the ability to attached files to gifts in Virtuous. You can do this now via the gift edit screen on any new or historical gifts in Virtuous.

As always, every release includes additional tweaks, fixes and general improvements. If you have any questions, feel free to contacts us at

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