Happy spring! Though depending on where you live, “Spring” may have a different meaning…

But no matter whether you are wearing boots or flip-flops today, Spring is always a time of renewal. Here at Virtuous, we are doing our part -- we’ve got some more new features that you’ll see the next time you log in. Read on to learn what we have in store!

Outgoing Grants

For foundations and other grantmaking organizations, Virtuous now supports tracking both incoming and outgoing grants. Organizations wishing to use this feature will need to opt in on the Organization Settings page.

Once this feature is activated, the Grants Management page will show a list of all Grants, with a visual indicator to distinguish the type.

Tax-Deductible Gifts and Projects

Those of you who have been creatively using Premiums to mark whole Gifts as non-deductible are going to be a lot happier during Gift processing! Gifts will now include an optional checkbox to mark an entire Gift as non-deductible.

In addition to tracking this at the Gift level, an entire Project can also be flagged as non-deductible, which will affect all Gifts designated to that Project. By default, all Projects are deductible unless otherwise specified.


New Custom Field Options

Want to track mission-critical information on Grants or Premiums? That will be a whole lot easier with new custom fields available on those objects! These new fields work just like custom fields on other data objects, so all of the tips in this article from our support page will still apply.

...And the Rest

Beyond these highlights, this release also includes a host of other fixes, improvements, and tweaks, including some behind-the-scenes tuning to improve the performance of imports and other key processes. As always, contact us at support@virtuoussoftware.com if you have any questions.

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