With the Virtuous Receipt Builder, users can generate professional receipt templates for sending paper receipts or email receipts. A drag-and-drop, visual editor makes it easy to create one or more templates that can be used for every day receipting or annual giving statements.

Note: Only users with Admin permissions can access the Receipt Builder tool.

To get started, click on "More Tools" in the menu and then select "Receipting" from the sub-menu.

Then, click on the Receipt Templates tab, and you'll see all existing receipt templates for your organization listed. To get started on a new template, click "Create Receipt Template."

This will launch the Receipt Builder wizard.

On the first screen, there will be several options to select.

The first field defaults to "Send Receipts via Email." Click to toggle and select the option to Send Receipts via Mail. This will replace the options below to customize the email subject line and sender information, and instead display options for generating address labels or printing envelopes along with PDF receipts.

In the center, be sure to give the new template a unique name. This name will be the only identifier for your new template, so be specific!

On the right, the "Include Single Gift per Receipt" option is selected by default. Click to change this if the receipt template being built should include Multiple Gifts per receipt. This will be the option to choose if you are generating monthly summaries, quarterly statements, or year-end receipts.

Note that you must choose either the email or paper mail option for your template; these two options cannot be combined into a single template. Once these options have been selected and work has begun on the actual template, these options cannot be changed. Paper receipts will be designed and built using a different template interface, as the demands are slightly different for each. This means that there are four possible receipt types that may be generated:

  • Email Receipt - Single Gift
  • Email Receipt - Multiple Gifts
  • Paper Receipt - Single Gift
  • Paper Receipt - Multiple Gifts

Use the steps in these support articles to customize your receipts:

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