Once a Gift has been entered in Virtuous, the Gift "lives" on a specific Contact record. There is no option to edit and simply select a new Contact record.

If an error has occurred and a Gift must be credited to a different Contact, there are two options:

  1. In some cases, an Admin or other user with the right permissions may choose to simply delete the Gift and then re-enter it on the correct Contact record. This is generally not preferred as there is not a clear record of the change. If your giving data has already been synced to your accounting system, this may also create reconciliation issues. 
  2. Corrections of this type are best handled by utilizing the Reversing Transaction Gift Type. If a Gift has been incorrectly listed as coming from Donor A, and it should be attributed to Donor B instead, enter a Gift for the corresponding negative amount as a Reversing Transaction for Donor A. Be sure to select the right Project and Segment, so all reporting will be updated. Then, add the Gift as coming from Donor B, using the original Gift Type. This can be done through the Gift & Contact Import Tool, as part of usual Gift processing.
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