It is possible to use a single donation form, and single web page, to track giving associated with any number of different Projects or Segments in Virtuous. This makes it much easier to manage your donation forms and eliminates the need to continually create new web pages in which to embed those forms. If necessary, it's even possible to pass specific donation amounts or Media Outlets to a donation form, allowing for greater customization of the overall donor experience. You can do this by using customized urls when directing traffic to your donation page.

For example, let's say that you have a Virtuous donation form embedded on the following page:

Now, you are going to send out an email appeal for your current Campaign. You've created a Campaign Communication for this email, and the Communication has a Segment Code assigned: EX0718EM. Your email has a Donate button that you'd like to use to have donors visit your donation page, but of course, you want to track all of the gifts received and make sure they are attributed to the correct Segment.

When setting up the email, you'd need to set up the url for your donate button as:

Then, any Gifts processed on your donation page will include the Segment code associated with the correct Segment.

This same technique can be used to specify a Project Code. For example, you may have a donation page that lists different Projects for donors to support. 

Each image could link directly to the same donation form, but with a different url. If the Project Code to sponsor the child on the left in the above photo is CH12345, you would set up the url associated with the photo as:

Then, any Gifts processed on your donation page will be automatically designated to that Project.


In order to specify a Project via the url, the Project must be set as Active, Available Online, and Public. If any one of these three settings is not selected on the Project, then Virtuous Giving will use either the Default Project associated with your donation form or a Project Designation selected by the donor, if applicable.

It's also possible to list multiple Projects in a single url, to create a limited drop-down of Projects for a donor to choose from. Just specify projectCodes (plural) and include multiple codes, separated by a pipe:|CH6789|CH007

If desired, both the Segment and Project can be combined into a single url:

To pass a specific donation amount via a custom url, use "amount" in the url, whether combined with custom Projects or Segments, or just on its own. For example, if sponsoring the child in the example above should always mean a $45 gift amount, then you could combine amount and Project in your url as:

If you will be tracking placements with different Media Outlets, a Media Outlet code can also be embedded in a donation url, as:

Use these techniques to streamline your online giving and track your giving as effectively as possible.

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