Once you have set up your Virtuous Giving account, you can navigate to the main Giving screen to view all transactions for your organization. There, you can view all online transactions, check the status of transactions, and manage recurring gifts.


The Transactions tab is the main tab. On this tab, you will see all online gifts received via any of your donation pages or your donor portal. Transactions are posted as soon as they are received, and will have a status indicator to show the state of a particular payment.

The status indicators are:

  • Authorized - Payment has been accepted and the donor's card has been charged
  • Captured - The processor has received funds from the donor
  • Released - Funds have been credited to your organization's merchant account
  • Refunded - Funds have been returned to the donor

Some transactions will include a notation to indicate that the donor has chosen to covert the processing cost as part of their donation. The amount displayed will be the total amount received from the donor, including their donation and the additional processing amount.

Transactions listed on this screen will be automatically synced to Virtuous CRM. These may be viewed on the Pending Transactions screen, available from the Settings menu. These transactions will be held until midnight local time for your organization, and then they will be bundled together as a Gift import and processed via the Gift & Contact Import tool. The following morning, your gift processing staff can complete the import so that all Gifts are reflected on their respective Contact records.


In the event that a transaction needs to be refunded, just click on the "x" to the right of any transaction to issue a refund.

In order to process a refund, a reason must be provided. Click "Refund Transaction" to complete and then the transaction will show as refunded.

Refunded transactions will also be synced to Virtuous CRM. These will be imported as Gifts with the Gift Type "Reversing Transaction."

Recurring Gifts

Click on the Recurring Giving tab to view all recurring gifts made via any of your donation pages or your donor portal. As with individual transactions, recurring gifts will include a notation to indicate where donors have chosen to cover processing costs as part of their regular gift.


Click on the "x" to the right of any recurring gift to cancel the recurring charge. 

Once you have confirmed the cancellation, the recurring gift will remain on-screen, but the next occurrence will show as "Cancelled."


On either the Transactions screen or the Recurring Gifts screen, use the Filter option on the left side of the screen to find specific entries by date or amount.

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