Why can't I post my gift form? I'm getting an error message when I try to go to the Embed step.

In order to create an embed a new donation form on your website, you must first complete the account setup process. Once you have created your WePay account, created your merchant account, and configured your donor portal, you will be ready to go.

I made changes to an existing donation form, but I don't see them on my site. How do I edit an existing form?

An existing form can be edited at any time. Once all changes have been made and the new form is saved, you will need to publish the new form on order to see changes reflected on any page where the form is embedded.

Where do I find the actual gifts received from my form? They are not showing up on my Contacts.

Gifts received via a Virtuous donation form are automatically synced to the Gift & Contact Import. These imports will need to be reviewed and completed on a daily basis in order to see Gifts appear on Contact records.

When will my organization see funds in our account?

Once the status of a Transaction shows as "Released," funds are transferred to your merchant account. These funds will be posted directly to your organization's bank account or delivered via check on an ongoing basis, according to the account preferences selected at the time of account setup. To change this, or adjust other settings, log in to WePay directly.

What if my donor does not have an email address?

WePay requires an email address with each transaction in order to process transactions. It's critical to have a unique email address, as this will also be the unique identifier for each donor's Virtuous Giving account. If you are creating a donation form for internal use, it is not recommended that users input a generic email address, as this can cause significant problems when matching Gifts to the correct Contacts.

My donor has given two gifts using two different email addresses, and now they have two different Virtuous Giving accounts. Can I merge them?

At this time, merging donor accounts is not supported. Donors who give with multiple email addresses will have multiple accounts, and multiple logins for your donor portal.

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