All gifts entered into Virtuous CRM should flow through the Gift and Contact Import Tool. This tool has a number of features and safeguards designed to make gift entry as efficient and accurate as possible.

Giving data may come from any number of places. Some organizations use Virtuous Giving to process credit cards, or another integrated processor. Others may have different giving platforms, which allow them to export data in spreadsheet format and then import gifts in bulk. Cash, checks, and even stocks or gifts-in-kind may require manual data entry.

All of these different sources will flow through the Gift and Contact Import tool. Virtuous Giving, and some other integrated giving partners, will create daily imports that are added directly to the import tool for staff to review and import. Spreadsheets of other external giving data can be uploaded directly to the Import tool. And manual gift processing also happens in the same tool. This means that, even with a variety of different gift types and sources, the gift entry process will remain largely similar.

Gift data is added to the Gift and Contact Import tool using any of the various means we’ve already mentioned. Virtuous will then look at all of the data provided with each transaction and attempt to match each Gift with the correct Contact record. These transactions are then sorted into three different categories, which you’ll see listed at the bottom of the screen.

Match Needed gifts are those that could not be definitively matched to an existing Contact record. These may be first-time gifts from new donors who need to be added to the system, or there may simply not be enough data to qualify as an exact match. These gifts need to be reviewed and matched to the correct Contacts in order to be imported.

Update Needed gifts require some sort of action before they can be imported. This may be because there is some new data that should be added to a Contact record, or there may be an error that needs to be corrected. These gifts need to be reviewed and addressed in order to be imported.

The third category, Ready for Import, means exactly what it says. Gifts in this category are ready to be imported as is.

In the Gift and Contact Import tool clicking on the Actions menu in the upper right will show several options, including a link to begin manually entering a new gift and a link to view the list of available quick keys. Use these quick keys to move quickly through data entry tasks.

Virtuous Giving users can even process credit cards as part of gift entry.

The reprocess command will force Virtuous to re-run all matching on a particular import. If an import file has been left sitting open for a while, it’s often a good idea to reprocess and see if there are any additional records that can be matched to existing Contacts. By default, imports are only processed once. If a new Contact has been added to the database in the time after an import was processed, that match will not be identified in the Import tool unless you choose to reprocess. When viewing an individual transaction, there is also an option to refresh possible matches for just that transaction, by clicking on the refresh icon.

Use the Help link to bring up the support messenger and reach out to the Virtuous team whenever you have a question.

Now that you’re familiar with the import tool, let’s get started on processing an import. Check out the other videos in our gift entry series to learn more.

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