To begin entering a new Gift in the Virtuous Gift and Contact Import tool, click on the Actions button in the upper-right and then select “add a transaction.” If you prefer, you can also use the new transaction quick key command to bring up the entry form.

Begin typing in any of the Contact fields to search for a specific Contact. You can also use the Quick Search field at the top of the screen to search with any values you like.

As you type, Virtuous will try to identify matching Contacts and display these matches on the right side of the screen. Click to select the correct Contact, or use the Quick Keys command to select the first suggested match. Once you have selected the right Contact, you can go back and select a different match by clicking the red Change Match button.

In some cases, matches may not be found. Continue to enter all of the information you may have -- most times, when entering check gifts, for example, you will have a complete address, and maybe even a phone number. For addresses, begin typing in the Address 1 field to enter as much address data as possible, and Virtuous will automatically search for an address and autocomplete the address fields with a standardized mailing address.

Virtuous will use any and all information entered to identify potential matches. As you enter data, you’ll notice that the system will begin building a new Contact profile. If there are no matches found for the information you provide, then click on the green button to create a new Contact, or use the quick key command to create a new record. The new Contact will automatically be selected as a match.

Trainer Tip: Contact records are created instantly. Make sure you do want to create a new record before proceeding to avoid duplicates. It’s best to try out a few searches first to confirm that your donor is new.

Once you’ve selected the correct Contact, you can move on to entering Gift data. Check out the other videos in our Gift Processing series to learn more.

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