We are so excited to start off March with a bang! We've got a slew of cool new features and functionality this month, with a little something for everyone. Read on to see what's new and waiting for you in Virtuous this month.

New and Improved Query Tool

Let's not bury the lede here, people! We've made some big changes to the query tool, though it may not look all that different. Most of the changes we've made are under the hood, improving the performance and efficiency of queries. There are a few differences that you experienced query users will notice, though.

First off, the build query screen has a slightly new look. You'll now see the query type displayed next to the query name, making it easier to keep track when working on multiple queries. The Save and Delete buttons have been repositioned, and the query builder itself now shows data fields in more a clearly defined form view. The "Select Export Fields" button is gone, but don't worry -- you'll still be able to select fields (and save those selections) when you click on the "Download csv" button. The "Execute" button has also been updated to a much gentler "View Results."

We've also added a few new query fields, like the the ability to search for Contacts by Reference Source or ID, and we've made some updates to other values that were a bit...inconsistent. So now, you can include Organization Groups in your query parameters without having to remember that they are called "Owner" in the the Query Tool.

Perhaps the biggest change is to operators, where we've eliminated several operators that were rarely, if ever, used, and which only aded unnecessary complexity. When using Tags in a query, now you'll see straightforward operators. Use "Is any of" to list one or more Tags for inclusions in your query, i.e., if you want to find everyone tagged as "Major Donor" or "Sustaining Donor." Use "Is none of" for exclusions, which can now all be listed in a single row. No more long lists of "All are not" Tags! And you can use the "Has any" operator to find all records with any Tag at all, and "Has none" to find records that, you guessed it, don't have any tags at all.

When viewing query results, you'll also notice a few small changes. In the above screenshot, look closely and you'll see that we are looking at a list of more than 200 results. We are no longer capping the onscreen results at 200! Results are now listed on multiple pages, just as other lists are elsewhere in Virtuous, showing 10 records per page by default. As with other Virtuous lists, you can choose to view more records per page by clicking on a number at the bottom of the results.

We hope you like the new query tool! Making these performance improvements now will also allow us to continue adding new functionality in future releases, so we can keep making Virtuous better than ever.

New Email Resubscribe Functions

This month's new features don't stop at queries, though. We've added a few new tricks to email list management to make it easier to track and even re-subscribe Individuals.

When viewing the Email Lists box on a Contact record, unsubscribed Individuals will be shown with a strikethrough, to make it easy to see their status at a glance.

Editing the list options for an Individual will now also show an option to Resubscribe. This can only be done in cases where a Virtuous user has manually unsubscribed the Individual. If an Individual chooses to unsubscribe via any of the unsubscribe links in an email, then you will not be able to manually resubscribe them. Only the Individual can, by opting in to an email list via a Virtuous lead form.

View Ignored Matches

Have you ever wondered why certain duplicate records don't show when you run the duplicate search? If only you could look to see if maybe a particular duplicate pairing was set to be ignored...

Well, now you can!

Ignored duplicates will show which user ignored the duplicate and when, just in case. You can still manually merge any two Contacts you see on the ignore list, just in case some were ignored by accident. 😉

New Virtuous Giving Notifications

When a credit card fails or is declined, it's usually not a very big deal; a donor will know right away if their card cannot be processed, and gift entry staff will not be able to process a bad card. But what about recurring donations that encounter an issue? Previously, only the donor would be notified via email if their card could not be processed for some reason. But now, a notification will be sent to a Virtuous user as well, so you can reach out to your donors and make sure they update their card information. Navigate to the Setup tab on the Virtuous Giving screen and you'll see a new field where you can enter a Notification Email Address, which we will use for sending these notifications going forward.

New Recurring Gift Status Indicators

In addition to sending out new email notifications, we've also added a new Status indicator for recurring donations which cannot be processed because of bad card data. In many cases, if a card is declined or fails when a recurring payment is processed, a notification will be sent and then the card will be retried whenever the next payment is due. But in some cases, due to bad card data, a payment simply cannot be processed at all, and Virtuous Giving will not retry until a donor has updated their payment card information. For these cases, we will now display a status of "On Hold" in the Next Occurrence column. Keep an eye out for these recurring donations so you can reach out to your givers as needed.

...And the Rest

As with every release, this month's update also includes a number of other fixes, tweaks, minor modifications, and assorted nudges. Among this month's assorted fixes:

  • Because so many of you asked for it, we will now display all emails in Virtuous email in reverse chronological order, so newer emails will display near the top of the screen.
  • Since many grants are paid out in multiple installments, it is now possible to link multiple Gifts to a single grant. To do so, you will now have to edit the Gift and select the correct grant to match up records.
  • Users who have configured webhooks will see a new tab allowing them to view only those webhooks that have failed. Users who haven't configured any webhooks will also have this tab, but it may not be as exciting for them.
  • A tricky bug resulted in some users seeing bulk Contact Notes created multiple times. That bug is now history.
  • The Project Type field has been added to the output fields in the Project Summary Report, because we are just generous I guess.
  • We eliminated a bug that prevented users from adding Origin Segments to Contact records.
  • API alert! It's now possible to add an Individual to an email list via the API.
  • API alert, part deux: We've created two new API endpoints for Campaigns and Communications, allowing for more robust system integrations. 
  • When filtering on the Gifts screen, you will now be able to see the sum of all Gifts in the filter results, so there's no extra math involved.
  • Some users reported seeing some unusual characters when generating receipts, and not in a detective novel kind of way -- more of a ~|{* kind of way. Those unusual characters won't be coming around here to bother you anymore.
  • Speaking of receipts, we've added Gift Id as a merge field for all receipt templates.
  • Users with Bulk Edit permission on Gifts can now receipt Gifts from the results a Gift query, even without having write permission for Gifts. 
  • We wiped out a bug that prevented users from previewing or viewing embedded forms in certain cases, by eliminating those certain cases.

And that's the list! As always, if you have any questions about these or other features, feel free to contact our team using the support widget in Virtuous, or drop us a line at support@virtuoussoftware.com.

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