New Social Insights Appends

The Social Insights feature has always allowed access to social media profiles and information, but requires a manual search to find data. 

Or rather, it did.

Now, users with Social Insights included in their contract will see data appended automatically to records in Virtuous. When you view a Contact record, you may see a new badge by the Social Insights tab, letting you know that new data is available.

Click to refresh the screen, and you'll see new Contact Methods, and even a new avatar photo, automatically added to your existing Contact record. (Don't worry - if you've already added an avatar photo, we won't replace it.) Social data will also be added to new Contact record as they are created. As long as there is an email address on the record, Virtuous will check every 30 days for new data and update the record.

New Contact Methods

And that's not all! As part of bringing in additional social data, we've added some new Contact Method options, like Pinterest and Vimeo, giving you even more options for storing information.

New Automation Actions

Have you ever wanted to use Automation to log a Contact Note? Or perhaps add Individuals to one or more Email lists?

(We know some of you have, because you asked us for it!)

Now, you can do both. When adding Actions to a workflow step, you'll be able to create a Contact Note or add Email List.

The Email List option is available for both Contact and Individual workflows. Since Email Lists interact with Individuals, not Contacts, you'll see an additional targeting option when using Email Lists in a Contact workflow, allowing you to specify the Primary Individual, Primary and Secondary, or All Individuals.

New Volunteer Hours Import

Importing hours and shifts for Volunteers will now be much easier, as we've added support for volunteer hours to the Contact Import template, on the Gift & Contact Import screen. You'll now be able to specify a Volunteer Opportunity by Name or Id, and list the hours and date for an Individual. You can even add additional columns to your import file, to include up to 20 volunteer shifts for a single Individual. Once you've begun to work on your import, you can even manually add additional volunteer shifts, if needed.

With this new import option, it's now possible to have just a volunteer sign-in sheet or even use a third-party volunteer management app, and then import volunteer time and match the data to the right Individuals, or even create new Individuals as needed. 

New Segment Requirement Option

The best practice when entering Gifts is always to have both a Segment and a Project. We should always know where our Gifts are coming from and where they are headed. Now, admins will be able to go one step further and actually require a Segment for every Gift. Transactions without a Segment will be flagged as Update Needed in the Gift & Contact Import tool.

This setting will be turned off by default, but Admins can now select it on the Organization screen in Settings to activate it.

New Project Statistics

Ever wanted to get a quick roll-up of giving to a particular Project, or group of Projects, from a query? Now, you'll see the option to include Project Statistics, including giving and expenses, in any Project query export.

Available statistics include giving, gift count (actual number of transactions), givers (number of actual Contacts who have given at least once), and expense total, all for Life to Date, Calendar Year to Date, or Fiscal Year to Date.

...And the Rest

As with every release, this month's update also includes a number of other fixes, tweaks, minor modifications, and assorted nudges. Among this month's assorted fixes:

  • Contact merges will now merge all sent receipts saved on the record. This does not apply to receipts sent via the legacy receipt builder tool.
  • Admins will now have the ability to edit or delete External Reference Ids on a Contact record.
  • Parent Project Name and Parent Project Code are now available as export fields on a Gift query.
  • Looking for Gifts that are related to a Grant? We've added that, along with Grant Owner and Grant Title, as parameters for Gift queries.
  • Informal Name is now available as a merge field in the address CSV export for mailed receipts.
  • Validation has been added to the seasonal date option for Contact addresses, which will eliminate a bug that prevented viewing certain Contacts.
  • Email history has been set to expire after 90 days, which will affect the data available from the Sent Email query. Users with direct back-end access will also see new "Sent Emails" tables for this data.
  • Some Gift entry users have noticed an issue with matching addresses being flagged as needing an update. We have made a small teak to our address matching logic to eliminate this issue.
  • Admin users can now click to sort users on the Team page in Settings.
  • Many entry fields in Virtuous are type-ahead search fields, showing only a limited preview of data. Users will now see an on-screen prompt to type to see additional results, which should make this easier to see.
  • We've added "Created By" to the Event query to make it easier to find Events by creator.
  • Copying a Form Confirmation Email will allow users to create a new Form Confirmation Email, because that just plain makes sense.
  • We eliminated a bug affecting the New Donor Report on the dashboard, which was showing inconsistent data.
  • Users creating a query involving Segment Name and Segment Code will now be able to select their parameter values from a list, as opposed to having to type everything from memory.

And that's the list! As always, if you have any questions about these or other features, feel free to contact our team using the support widget in Virtuous, or drop us a line at

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