New Project Donor Query

When choosing a query type, we know that the key factor to consider is, "What do I want a list of?" (If you need a refresher on choosing the right query type, there's a video for that.)

But what if you want to find something very specific? Like, say, the first time a Contact gives to a new Project? That's a tough one.

Enter the new Project Donor query type.

Now, users can search for Contacts who have given for any length of time that decide to support a new Project. For example, maybe someone is sponsoring a child, and you'd like to know when they decide to sponsor another child. The Project Donor query type is your answer.

This new query type is especially useful for powering automated workflows. By nesting a Project Donor query into a Contact query, you can target Contacts with specific communication based on their giving habits, with more specificity.

New Project Expense Query

Why stop at one new query type when you can have two? We've also added a new query type specifically for Project Expenses, making it easier to view and export specific expense data.

Users can generated lists of expenses based on the expense amount, date, or code, or by Project. For more flexibility, it's even possible to nest a Project query, in order to identify expenses linked to a larger group of Projects.

To Contain or Not to Contain

By popular demand, we've also added a new operator that can be used in a number of different query types: Does not contain.

This will make it easier to exclude specific records based on field text. Any query parameter that allows the Contains operator will now also allow using Does not contain.

New Passthrough Giver Search Option

When entering Gifts that have a Passthrough giver, searching for the donor by name is great, but what happens if they have a common name? The City and State are shown with each listed record, but sometimes that still might not be enough. So how about using the Contact ID?

That's right, now users can search with a name or a Contact ID to find the right Contact for a Passthrough gift. Even when searching by name, the ID will still be visible, providing additional info and making it easier to confirm the right record is selected.

Custom Note Types Welcome

Creating custom note types is a great way to track specific, mission-critical interactions with your donors, like major donor visits, and report on that activity. And now, you can even filter for notes by custom type from the Notes tab on a Contact record.

Workflows, Meet Individual Custom Fields

Recently, we rolled out the ability to create automated workflows that target Individuals, in addition to Contacts. (We also just had a great webinar on this topic, if you're interested!) Now we're providing even more options for Individual workflows, with the ability to set values for custom fields on Individuals.

When creating a workflow, the workflow target will determine the custom field target. That's basically just a fancy way of saying that Contact workflows will allow for setting values in Contact custom fields, while Individual workflows will allow users to set values in Individual custom fields.

...And the Rest

As with every release, this month's update also includes a number of other fixes, tweaks, minor modifications, and assorted nudges. Among this month's assorted fixes:

  • Clicking on a Favorite query on the Dashboard will now take users directly to the results of the query, bypassing the build query screen altogether. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.
  • We heard from some users that their browser was cutting off the bottom icons in the navigation menu, which hardly seemed fair, so we swatted that bug.
  • Some users may have run into issues with Gift imports that could not complete because of bad postal code data. We've added a fix for this to keep you moving and grooving all through Gift processing.
  • Would you like to export the Starting Balance or Current Balance fields from a Project query? You would? Then today is your lucky day.
  • The Premium field has been added to the default view on the Gifts tab on Contact records, making it easier to see which Gifts have Premiums applied.
  • We've updated our messaging for bulk Tag updates, to make confirmation emails 97% less confusing than before.
  • Users with delete permission for Planned Gifts will now be able to delete Planned Gifts. Strange, but true.
  • Projects that have an Online Display Name set will now show the Online Display Name on receipts as well as donation forms.
  • Merging Contacts will now merge stored External Reference IDs as well.
  • Individuals marked as deceased will no longer display a calculated value for Age.
  • When using a list type custom field as a query parameter, the list values will now auto-populate, eliminating an otherwise entertaining guessing game.
  • A bug was causing some old addresses to incorrectly show in the Gift import tool when searching. NOT ANYMORE!
  • API users will now see clearer indicators for required fields on Campaigns and Communications.
  • Virtuous Giving users will now see a toggle option to set a form as an International form, which will require the Country field and allow more options for State/Province.
  • Automation emails were not respecting email list unsubscribes anymore, so we sat them down, gave them a talking-to, and sent them to their room to teach them some respect.
  • Some users had issues with the scroll bar in the Gift and Contact Import tool disappearing. Now it should stay put.
  • Generating a single receipt for a Gift with a receipt template that includes a separate address csv was causing an error, and now, it's not.
  • Some users saw a delay in Gifts and Notes appearing in the Communication History on Contact records. That delay is now history.

And that's the list! As always, if you have any questions about these or other features, feel free to contact our team using the support widget in Virtuous, or drop us a line at

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