That's right, brand new pledges are here! Users can now create pledges to track long-term donor commitments with greater accuracy. Instead of having to track every pledge using just the frequency of "Once," you'll now see the ability to select one of several frequencies, generate a schedule of expected payments, or even create your own custom payment schedule.

Viewing a pledge will now clearly display the remaining balance, including a progress bar so it's easy to see at a glance how much of your donor's commitment is still outstanding.

You'll even see new pledge queries available now in the query tool, as well as a separate pledge tab on the Gifts screen. To learn even more about working with our new pledge features, check out our support articles on this topic.

And Say Hello to Recurring Gifts

Well, I suppose we should file this one under "sorta new." All of the pledge features and functionality you already know and love haven't gone away, but now you'll find them under Recurring Gifts. So, new recurring gifts will still be processed as usual, via Virtuous Giving or any of our integrated giving partners, and gifts will continue to be matched to recurring gift payments during gift entry. 

As part of this change, all pledge queries, including those actively being used in automated workflows, have been converted to recurring gift queries.

One feature you won't see is the ability to create a recurring gift with a frequency of "Once," since, by definition, that would really be recurring, would it?

Who Moved My Pledges?

But wait, there's more! With this move to our new pledge structure, we have converted all of your existing pledges with a frequency of "Once" to new pledges, with a "Custom" frequency. All pledges with any other frequency will remain as recurring gifts.

To review your new pledges, you can use a filter on the Gifts screen, or create a new pledge query. We'd recommend looking for all of your pledges with a frequency of "Custom" and a status that is not "Fulfilled" or "Cancelled." Now, you can even edit these pledges to create new payment schedules and track future payments, if desired.

Make Mine Receivable

That's right, we're STILL not done!

Admin users now have the option to track pledges as receivable for their organization. 

Tracking pledges in this way will count all pledge revenue at the time a pledge is entered. This affects all dashboard reports, widgets, and Project and Campaign statistics for your organization. Should you choose this option, be sure to clearly communicate this change to your team, since your dashboard reporting may change drastically.

With receivable pledges comes the ability to write off pledge balances that will not be received by your organization. Pledge write offs will have a negative impact on your fundraising totals. For more, check out our support article on tracking receivable pledges.

We Have New Forms

That's right, we're doing our part to make Anton Chekhov proud. You'll see some new form views when editing gifts, recurring gifts, pledges, and more. These new screen layouts are part of a rolling series of updates to make Virtuous easier to use and improve the speed and quality of data entry. We hope you like them!

...And the Rest

As with every release, this month's update also includes a number of other fixes, tweaks, minor modifications, and assorted nudges. Among this month's assorted fixes:

  • Another in the "you asked, we answered" department: users can now view the total Fair Market Value (FMV) of specific gifts in a gift query. This new field represents the sum total of the fair market values of all premiums applied to a particular gift.
  • Speaking of gift queries, you can also query for gifts by receipt ID, and export Receipt IDs as well. This should be of particular interest to our neighbors in the north.
  • Ever wonder who created a particular Contact? Wonder no more! The name of the user who created it will now be displayed on every Contact record.
  • Gift Type will now be displayed when viewing the list of transactions in an active Gift Import. It was playing shy, but we coaxed the little guy out of his shell.
  • Volunteer queries will continue to display the "Hours Volunteered" and "Times Volunteered" fields in the onscreen results, but as an added bonus, you can now export those fields too. Seems only sporting.
  • The Custom Field Value import can now be used with Virtuous Gift IDs as well as Legacy Gift IDs, because newer Gifts deserve some love too.
  • We squashed a bug where moving Individuals from one Contact to another left their event history behind. Now, they will be sure to take ALL of their stuff when they move.
  • We've added the Informal Name field to the Segmentation export, since that seems kinda important for mailings.
  • Planned Gift custom fields can now be used in queries and exports. Like you do.
  • We've added a new export field for "Last Note Date" in Contact queries. Now you can easily see who you haven't talked to in a while. And hopefully, call them.
  • We fixed a formatting issue on the Gifts by Project report that caused some odd-looking csv exports. 😬
  • Workflow Automation was getting a little hung up trying to deliver emails to unsubscribed Individuals. While we admire their persistence, workflows will now only attempt these email deliveries once before moving on.
  • Auto-generated tasks will now be visible on Contact records. As one might expect them to be.

And that's the list! As always, if you have any questions about these or other features, feel free to contact our team using the support widget in Virtuous, or drop us a line at support@virtuoussoftware.com.

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