Once a Contact record has been created in Virtuous, it cannot be deleted, but it can be archived. Archived Contacts do not appear on the Contacts screen and will not be included in the results of any Contact or Individual queries, but the giving history for archived records will be preserved. In fact, you can even use the Filter feature on the Gifts screen to find all Gifts from archived Contacts!

Archiving Contacts is the best way to keep your database clean and up-to-date. 

Note: Some users may not have permission to archive Contacts. Reach out to your internal Virtuous admin with any questions regarding your permissions.

To archive a Contact, view their record and click on the Edit icon on the Overview tab.

Then, on the edit view for the Contact (make sure you have not selected an Individual), scroll down and look for the red Archive button.

Just to be sure, you'll have to check to confirm that you want to archive the record.

Check the box and then click Archive once more to archive the Contact.

Congrats! You are ready to start clearing out the clutter in your database!

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