Once you've created an event, you'll want to add people to track their RSVPs, attendance and more. In Virtuous, this means you'll be adding Individuals to your new event. Event Invitations are tracked at the Individual level, as opposed to Contact, because with events it is always important to have a good head count of attendees, and a single Contact could include any number of Individuals.

Only Individuals can be added to an event, not Contacts.

There are two types of Individuals on an event: Event Contacts and Event Invitations. Here's a quick primer on adding these to your events.

Event Contacts

When viewing your event, you'll see the Event Contacts box on the left side of the screen.

Click on the blue add button to bring up the New Event Contact form.

On the form, you can search for an existing Individual, or quickly create a new Contact record to add a new Individual as an Event Contact.

Event Invitations

It's generally best to think of Event Invitations as simply "Invitees." These are Individuals who are invited to attend, or have attended, your event. There are a few ways to add Individuals to this list.

First, you can manually add an Individual directly on the event. Just click on the Invitations tab on your event, and then click on the Actions menu on the right.

Select "Invite" from the drop-down to bring up a form and search for the Individual you wish to add. Click Save, and your Individual will be added the the invitation list.

Records can also be manually added in bulk. From the results of a Contact or Individual query, click on the Actions button in the upper right and select "Invite to an Event."

On the Contacts screen, you can even invite Individuals from the map filter view. This will allow you to target a specific geographical area in building your event list. Just click on the Actions menu once you've identified the record you want to invite, and select "Invite to an Event."

Note: Inviting from the results of a Contact query or the Contact map filter will add the Primary Individual from each record included in the list

It's also possible to import a list via the Gift & Contact Import tool to add event invitees. Download the Contact Import Template and you'll see fields included for Event and Event ID. Use either value to specify an event and add matched Individuals to your event list.

Finally, you can also use the Eventbrite integration to add Individuals to an event as they register online. Check out our article on this integration to learn more.

Once you've added people to your event, you'll be ready for the big day.

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