Once you've added Individuals to an event as Event Invitations, you'll be able to track additional details for each person who is attending, or plans to attend, your event.

To edit the RSVP or attendance status, or other values, go to the invitations tab for your event, and then click on the edit icon to the right of the invitee you wish to update.

This will bring up an edit for for that Event Invitation.

There, you can check the "RSVP" box if the person has responded to your invitation, or check the "Attended" box if they have attended. If attended is checked, and the event date is in the future, the attendance status will show as "Not Yet." Once the event date has passed, the status will updated to display either "Yes" or "No."

Use the Schedule field to enter any notes regarding travel plans for attendees arriving from out of town. If you have set up table or meal preferences for your event, you can use the drop-down fields to select a value for the invitee.

In some cases, it might be necessary to track addition specifics for attendees. For example, you may be hosting an event that requires attendees to travel, and you'd like to know which attendees are staying at each of the event hotels. By creating a custom field called "Hotel," you can add values to a drop-down list and track this data on the Event Invitation.

Note: Only users with Admin permissions can manage custom fields. If you do not have the correct permissions, please contact your internal Virtuous admin for assistance.

Once you have made the necessary updates, click on "Save Invitation" to save your changes and return to the event screen.

In some cases, you may wish to update attendance for several records in bulk. On the invitations tab, you can click on the check box to the left of any Individual's name to select that record. Select as many as you wish, then click on the Actions button and select "Edit Invitations."

This brings up a form to edit event invitations. Check the "Attended" box and then check to confirm that you wish to update multiple records (be sure to check the total number!) and click save to update your records.

Once your update is processed, you'll see updated attendance data for your invitees.

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