When creating an email or email template in Virtuous, you'll want to add images to your design. Otherwise, it would look pretty boring! Once you add an Image content block in the email editor, you'll see the ability to drag and drop any image file directly into your email.

But what happens if you click on the "Browse " button instead? Well then, you'll be taken to the Virtuous Email file manager!

At first, you'll see two folders, one labeled "myfiles" and one labeled "shared." In the upper left, you'll notice that your access is currently read only.

The buttons above will also be faded, indicating that they are not active.

You will need to click on the "myfiles" folder to begin. This is where all files for your organization can be stored. Once you do, you'll see that the buttons in the upper left become active options.

To add image files, just click and drag a file and drop it anywhere on the screen, or click on the "Upload" button in the upper left and select a file from your computer. 

Note: The maximum file size allowed is 12 MB.

If you have images stored elsewhere, like Google Drive or Dropbox, you can click on the "Import" option to connect to that service and bring in images directly.

Don't have any images, or having trouble finding the right one? We've got you covered. Just click on the "Search free photos" to search multiple stock photo services for free-to-use images that you can add to your email content.

In the upper right area of the screen, you'll see some additional controls. 

Click on the icons to the left of the search bar to switch the screen layout from a grid view to a list view. Use the Search feature to search for images by name, within the currently active folder (this will not search in subfolders). And click on the add folder icon to the right to add a new subfolder, and keep your files organized. The "X" icon above will close the file manager and return to the main editor screen.

Once you have added images, from either the grid or list view, you'll see a few options for working with your files. 

Click on the left icon to preview the image in a new tab. Click on the trash can to delete the image from your folders (only if you are sure: this cannot be undone). To use an image in your current email, click on "Insert."

Other File Types

As they say on the infomercials, "But wait...there's more!" The file manager also allows you to upload text files, PDFs, and other documents, to make it easy to link to files in your emails. Once uploaded, you won't see these files when you click "Browse" from the Image content block.

Once a button or image has been added to your email, click on it to bring up the "Content Properties" menu on the right. There, under Action, you can set what happens when your recipients click on the button or your image. 

Select the "Link file" option to be taken to the file manager screen, and there you'll see any PDFs or other non-image files you have uploaded, along with all of the images you've uploaded. Select "Insert" on any file to allow your recipients to download it. This is a great way to share flyers or offer downloadable versions of your newsletter content.

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