Recurring Gift Splits Online

For those of you following along at home (or at work), you'll remember that last month, we rolled out the ability to split a recurring gift among multiple projects. Well, that was just the start. Now, Virtuous Giving users can provide donors with the option of splitting a gift when using a Virtuous Giving form.

To add this option to a giving form, add the "Project Designation" field to any donation form, click the edit icon on the field once it's added, and then set the "Allow donor to give to multiple projects" to on (it will show green, as in the screenshot above). To add this option to an existing form, you'll need to remove the Project Designation field and then re-add it to your form in order to see this option.

Donors will be able to select a gift amount from your gift array and specify a single project, as before, but a new option will be available. Clicking on the "I want to give to multiple projects" link will allow a donor to select more than one project and specify the amount to be directed to each project.

As each split is entered, the total donation amount will update onscreen. As part of this change, the total donation amount and project designation will no longer be displayed on the submit button for giving forms. Any users who have customized the appearance of the submit button with CSS may need to review their design.

The Splits, They Are A-Changin'

But what happens when a recurring gift split needs to be updated? Well, now that's much easier to handle. Users with edit permission for recurring gifts will be able to edit the projects and split amounts for any existing recurring gift. 

These updates can even be processed in bulk from the results of a recurring gift query. Just click on Actions from the results screen of your query, then select "Edit recurring gifts." You'll see the option to specify one old project and replace it with another. 

Editing recurring gifts that originated in Virtuous Giving will also update the corresponding recurring transaction in Virtuous Giving, keeping everything in sync and making it easier to match monthly payments with the correct gifts on an ongoing basis.

Sorry, We're Closed

But wait, there's STILL MORE! (Apologies to Ron Popeil) Sometimes, a project may come to an end. Maybe a staff member leaves, and no longer needs to raise support. Whatever the reason, the easiest way to handle this is to close the project. Just click edit on the project screen, and then click on the red close button. Now, you'll see an option to automatically update all active recurring gifts designated to the closing project and reallocate them to a new project, all at once.

In some cases, this might mean selecting a parent project when closing a subproject, or selecting a temporary designation until you can contact the donors and ask how they might like to redistribute their gift. Either way, it's a time saver.

New Forms, New Tricks

Gone are the days of being limited to creating only lead forms or giving forms in Virtuous Marketing. Users will now see two new options: Volunteer forms and Event forms. As the names imply, these new forms can be used to add Individuals to an event list or to a Volunteer Opportunity, all via a form embedded on your website.

These new forms use the same form builder layout as lead or giving forms. For volunteer forms, select specific Volunteer Opportunities to include and allow site visitors to select one, or specify a default option for easy signups. For event forms, you'll need to specify a default event that will be associated with the form so signups can be tracked. Give both a try!

Security Upgrade

Security talk isn't always fun, but especially when dealing with credit card transactions, security is always a top priority. With this release, we are adding the newest version of reCAPTCHA to Virtuous Giving forms.

No, this doesn't mean your donors will have to click something to say they are not a robot or "find all pictures that include a scooter" or anything else that adds friction to the donation process. Instead, you'll see a small reCAPTCHA graphic appear on all pages where giving forms are embedded.

To help with security, on the setup page for Virtuous Giving, you'll be asked to provide a list of all domains where you will be embedding your giving forms. If you are already using giving forms, there is no action needed on your part at this time. However, if you add a new web domain for your organization at some point, you'll need to update your giving settings before embedding a giving form on your new site.

...And the Rest

As with every release, this month's update also includes a number of other fixes, tweaks, minor modifications, and assorted nudges. Among this month's assorted fixes:

  • In the "you asked, we listened" department, we've added the ability to manually delete Individuals from Volunteer Opportunities.
  • We've added a new visual indicator to fields that cannot be edited, like recurring gift amounts and frequencies, to make it easier to accept the things you cannot change and maybe give you some courage to change the things you can. At the very least, you'll have the wisdom to know the difference.
  • We liked the new feature for making bulk changes to projects on recurring gifts so dang much, we went ahead and added that capability for gifts as well. Now, you can edit split gifts with ease and not lose all of the split data.
  • And speaking of queries (professional segue there!), we've made a small change to locked queries, making it easier to view all values selected in the query parameters.
  • API users: we've added support for setting Contact Type and Contact Name on our Contact Transaction endpoint. Check these out, and all of our endpoints, on our API page.
  • API users can also specify Passthrough Givers using a reference ID when posting to the Gift Transaction endpoint.
  • Donors who schedule a recurring gift via a giving form and specify a future start date will now receive automatic confirmation emails, making it clear that their recurring donation has been scheduled successfully.
  • The Recurring Gift Aging Report was not displaying the Last Payment Date. It has seen the error of its ways and will actually be displaying this data henceforth.
  • Project Role queries will be less standoffish from now on; they can be nested into Contact, Project, or Gift queries.
  • Editing existing Project Roles was also causing some unusual behavior, which, while exciting, we've decided to eliminate.
  • Project Donor queries were having trouble exporting Project fields. This was less than ideal, so it's been corrected.
  • The balance amount was curiously absent from recurring gift queries. It has now returned, no questions asked, and can be used in query criteria or exported with query results.
  • And speaking of recurring gift queries, you'll now have the option to export project data. Project splits will be output on multiple rows, just as with gift queries.
  • Some users noticed that when editing a custom contact type, the incorrect base type was being displayed on screen. Congrats to those who spotted this Easter Egg! We've changed the display back to normal now, but you never know what we'll think of next...
  • Gender has been added to the New Contact form. That seems pretty obvious in hindsight, actually.
  • Ever wanted to filter on the Sent Emails screen? Well then, today is your lucky day!
  • Bulk updates on Project queries were not respecting user selections in the query results, which is just uncouth. They will show more respect from now on.

And that's the list! As always, if you have any questions about these or other features, feel free to contact our team using the support widget in Virtuous, or drop us a line at

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