When using Virtuous Email, the easy rule of thumb is that you should always publish your email before sending. This ensures that your recipients will get the latest version of your email, with any edits or changes that have been made.

Once you publish an email, that creates a version of your email, ready for sending. Any additional edits made after that point will be visible in the editor, but will not be included in the email that is sent to recipients. This is because Virtuous Email will always send the most recent published version of an email. 

Think of publishing just like printing, or sending to the printer. Once you print out a Word document, for example, you might continue to edit it on your computer. But you'll need to print it again in order to hand someone the most up-to-date version of your document. 


As mentioned before, publishing your email creates a new version of that email. It's possible to send out multiple versions of one email; once you publish, then send, you can make changes, save and publish, and then send to a different audience. To see all of the versions of a particular email, find it on the main Email screen and click on the Actions button to the right of it. There, you'll see the option to select "Versions." This will show all published versions, with the statistics for each sent version.

Publishing Workflow Emails

Because workflows maybe be sending the same email each day, maintaining current versions is crucial. When editing a workflow, you'll see a warning below any email that has not been published. 

Keep an eye out for these warnings to make sure your workflows are sending the most current versions of any emails.

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