If you have a DonorSearch account, you can integrate directly with Virtuous to see wealth data on any Contact record. 

To connect your account, navigate to the Settings page in Virtuous, and then click on the "Connectivity" tab. (if you do not see this option, you may not have the right permissions. Contact the internal Virtuous admin for your organization if you are not sure.)

Then, click on the "Manage Integrations" button.

Click on the button in the upper right to add an integration.

On the New Integration form, select DonorSearch as the Integration Type.

Then, you'll be asked to enter the Username and Password for your DonorSearch account. Note that the form also lists a field for APIKey, but this is not required. Entering your DonorSearch credentials will automatically set your APIKey value.

Once you have entered your account information, click "Save Integration" to add the integration to your account. Make sure the integration status is "Enabled;" you should see a red button with the option to "Disable."

How to View DonorSearch Data

Once your integration is enabled, navigate to any Contact record, and you'll see a new Wealth Data on the left side of the Overview tab.

Click on the "Get Wealth Data" button to conduct a search using the data on the Contact record and display wealth scores directly on the Contact screen. These scores can then be used or exported in Contact queries, or even used as triggers for Automation Workflows.

Once you have added wealth data to a Contact record, you'll see a button allowing you to click and view the complete DonorSearch profile linked to the results.

The wealth data results can also be refreshed by clicking on the refresh icon, visible in the upper right corner.

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