The Responsive Listener is here!

What's the Responsive Listener, you ask? Why, it's a new feature to help track donor activity on your website, so you can see what interests them most and connect with them using the right messaging at the right time. Just deploy a small script on each page of your website, and you'll start to see donor web activity on each Contact record, under the new Web Activity tab.

You can learn more about working with the Responsive Listener in this support article.

Gift Arrays Just Got Smarter

Once you've activated the Responsive Listener, you can also start using Smart Gift Arrays in Virtuous Giving Forms. With Smart Gift Arrays, you can be sure to ask for the right size gift from donors that you know. 

Smart Gift Array values can be based on either the Suggested Ask Amount calculated by Virtuous or the Average Gift Amount for each donor. Donors who cannot be identified by the Responsive Listener will be shown a default Gift Array instead.

Want to learn more about using Smart Gift Arrays? Look no further than this handy support article on the subject.

Go Ahead, Import Those Pledges

We couldn't wrap up 2019 without making one more addition to our new pledge features, could we?

Now, users will have the option to create pledges when working in the Gift & Contact Import Tool. When entering pledge data, you'll even see a preview of the pledge payment schedule onscreen, making it easy to confirm that the data is correct.

Pledges with a custom frequency must still be created on a Contact record, since the schedule needs to be manually created. But all other frequencies can now be imported as part of Gift entry. And by creating a Gift and Pledge in the same transaction, you can even connect the two — the first payment will be applied once your data is imported.

And of course, the fields in the Gift Import Template have also been updated to add new columns for pledge data as well. Make sure you download a new copy of the template!

Looking For Relationships? Try a Query!

By overwhelmingly popular demand, we've added relationship data to the query tool! 

Wahoo! 🎉

Since query parameters can be combined, you can query for all Contacts who are related to a particular Contact with a specific Relationship Type. Want to find all the employees of a certain company? You can!

Go ahead and give it a spin today!

Birthday Queries

We often hear from users who would like to use Automation to send out birthday cards and emails, and it's been a tricky proposition to say the least.

Until now.

We've added a new parameter to Individual queries, "Birthday." Select this parameter and then you'll see a new query operator, "Matches." Select that and then you can select from a list of relative dates. Use this new feature to create automations that send a happy birthday email, or fire off tasks to send a birthday card up to a week in advance.

Set Your Dashboards for Fiscal Year

Also by popular demand, we've added some new date options to our dashboard widgets. Now, you can see data for the current or previous fiscal year, in addition to the existing calendar year options. 

...And the Rest

As with every release, this month's update also includes a number of other fixes, tweaks, minor modifications, and assorted nudges. Among this month's assorted fixes:

  • More query madness! We've added the ability to query for Contacts based on the user who created them. Just look for the "Created By user" query parameter.
  • Speaking of creating Contacts, Contact Imports will now be bundled nightly, just like Gift Imports, to make it easier to keep track of processed files.
  • And one more new query feature: Age! Go ahead and query for all Individuals who are a certain age. This does require a full birthdate (month, day, and year) in order to populate the data.
  • Some errors in the Gift & Contact Import tool were being hidden because they appeared in the "additional info" section. This turns out to have been less than ideal, so we've brought these errors out into the open.
  • Some users have noticed that our open rates and click rates for Virtuous email are based on ALL opens, resulting in some interesting statistics like emails having a 147% open rate (we hear that rate would be pretty good). Now, we're switching to using unique opens and clicks instead, which means that open rates may look lower, but should be more instructive. You can still find all clicks and opens by review email activity data.
  • When working in the Gift & Contact Import tool, deceased Individuals will now display the deceased flag. Gotta avoid those zombie donors!
  • When merging Contacts, Event attendance history was not being transferred to the merged Contact. We couldn't believe it either, but it was true. WAS.
  • We've also added a new option to view details on Individuals from the Individuals tab on the Contacts screen. Because sometimes, you don't want to see a whole household — you just want a little one-on-one time.
  • Gifts and Recurring Gifts that originate from Virtuous Giving will now display a small Virtuous icon, to make them easier to identify. So, if you'd like to be able to edit a recurring charge, for example, look for the Virtuous logo to know if the Recurring Gift you need to edit is linked to Virtuous Giving.
  • Look, sometimes you create an email list and forget to mark it as a default list. It's OK, we've all been there. And now, it's no big deal; you can mark lists as default (or not default, that's fine too) at any time.
  • Some users reported not receiving task notification emails. We have looked into it and ensured that emails are being sent as they should. 
  • We made a change to the Email Preferences field in Forms, so now you can set it as a required field, meaning someone has to make at least one selection in order to submit your form.
  • If you have activated the Double the Donation integration for your account, you can now query for gifts where a potential match has been identified. How, you ask? Why, just query for Gifts where "Double the Donation Identified" equals "TRUE."
  • We've made a few formatting corrections to the Gifts by Project and Project Summary report exports. Ta da!
  • Apparently, users with the "default to private" setting for Contact notes who entered notes in the Communication History on a Contact were not having those notes flagged as private. This wasn't sporting at all, so we fixed it.
  • We've updated the query interface for cases where the "Between" operator is selected, to make it a little clearer where each value should be entered. 
  • We squashed a tricky bug where volunteer hour dates were not displaying on the correct date.
  • We also made a correction to pledges, as in some cases, balances were not being recalculated correctly. Which is kinda important when you're talking about pledges.
  • We've updated the Communication History to display Individual names instead of Contact names when listing email activity. Since, y'know, people receive emails, not households.

And that's the list! As always, if you have any questions about these or other features, feel free to contact our team using the support widget in Virtuous, or drop us a line at

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