When working in the Receipt Editor in Virtuous, there are several Merge tags that can be used in mail receipts. But when you create a receipt using the "Multiple Gifts per receipt" option, you won't see the complete list.


Well, when creating a statement, it's not possible to embed Gift data in the body of the receipt text, as you can with a receipt for a single Gift. Instead, you'll need to use the Gift Table.

But with mail receipts — and ONLY with mail receipts — you can edit the Gift Table to customize the data included. This is not possible with email receipts.

NOTE: These merge tags are for the Receipt Template builder ONLY. The Legacy Receipt builder uses a different structure for merge tags.

Since the merge tag view is limited, use this handy guide to customize your Gift Table values. The list below includes ALL available merge tags, including those you'll see in the builder, just in case. 😉

To include any of these values in your receipt template, you can copy and paste the values you see on the right below, including the "%" signs.

  • Contact ID: %ContactId%
  • Contact Name: %ContactName%
  • Contact Informal Name: %ContactInformalName%
  • Primary Individual First Name: %PrimaryIndividualFirstName%
  • Primary Individual Last Name: %PrimaryIndividualLastName%
  • Primary Full Address: %PrimaryFullAddress%
  • Primary Address 1: %PrimaryAddress1%
  • Primary Address 2: %PrimaryAddress2%
  • Primary City: %PrimaryCity%
  • Primary State: %PrimaryState%
  • Primary Postal: %PrimaryPostal%
  • Primary Country: %PrimaryCountry%
  • Receipt Date: %ReceiptDate%
  • Long Receipt Date: %LongReceiptDate%
  • Receipt ID: %ReceiptId%
  • Total Deductible Gift Amount: %TotalDeductibleGiftAmount%
  • Total Nondeductible Gift Amount: %TotalNondeductibleGiftAmount%
  • Calendar Year To Date Non Tax Deductible Amount: %CalendarYearToDateNonTaxDeductibleAmount%
  • Calendar Year To Date Tax Deductible Amount: %CalendarYearToDateTaxDeductibleAmount%
  • Fiscal Year To Date Non Tax Deductible Amount: %FiscalYearToDateNonTaxDeductibleAmount%
  • Fiscal Year To Date Tax Deductible Amount: %FiscalYearToDateTaxDeductibleAmount%
  • Last Calendar Year Giving: %LastCalendarYearGiving%
  • Last Calendar Year Gift Count: %LastCalendarYearGiftCount%
  • Gift ID: %GiftId%
  • Receipted Gift ID: %ReceiptedGiftId%
  • Gift Type: %GiftType%
  • Gift Date: %GiftDate%
  • Deductible Gift Amount: %DeductibleGiftAmount%
  • Projects: %Projects%
  • Gift Notes: %GiftNotes%
  • Gift Amount: %GiftAmount%
  • Tribute: %Tribute%
  • Premiums: %Premiums%
  • Check Number: %CheckNumber%
  • NonCash Description: %NonCashDescription%
  • Receipt Segment Code: %ReceiptSegmentCode%
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