New Receipting Options

We know that January isn't really time to catch your breath, it's time for getting year-end giving statements out the door. We've got some new features to make the process a little easier.

First, for those organizations trying to manage multiple receipt templates, we've added filters to the receipt management screen.

And for those of you planning to send year-end statements by mail, we've made a change to give you control over the return name and address to be printed on your envelopes, should you select that option. This also means that you can leave the entire return address blank, in case you have pre-printed envelopes already.

We've also added a new merge field, "Total Fair Market Value", which will calculate the total of the fair market values of all premiums associated with receipted gifts.

For those of you receipting via email, you'll no longer have the option to include unsubscribe links, and unsubscribe links will not be added automatically, since receipts are transactional emails and not subject to CAN-SPAM regulations. This helps ensure that your donors will continue receiving their email receipts.

In addition to all these improvements, we've also given the mail receipt editor a little polish. Happy receipting!

How do I Undo That?

Ever wished you could quickly undo a change when editing an email?

Good news! Your wish just came true.

Look in the lower left corner when working in the email editor to select the undo icon and reverse your last edit.

But that's not all! Click on the timeline icon and you'll be able to see the change history for your email.

Use this feature to undo several recent changes all at once, and go back to a previous point in your email.

Give it a try!

The Very Best Calls, Just For You

We know that many of you have users who manage a portfolio of donors, or who act as the primary point of contact for a specific group of supporters. Organization Groups offer a great way to track these relationships, but what about the Best Calls list on the dashboard? Users who are restricted to seeing ONLY their donors also see only Best Calls for their donors, but what about staff who are not restricted?

Now, you'll see a new option when inviting or editing users. When adding a user to an Organization Group, you can set them to have no restrictions, to be limited to Contacts in their Group, or filter the Best Calls by Group. The best of both worlds!

Secondary Individual, I Choose You!

Hey, look, being #1 is great and all, but we're not elitist around here. That's why we are showing a little love for second place.

When editing a Contact, you'll now have the ability to define both the Primary AND the Secondary Individual. Since Secondary Individuals are often included in email communications, this way you can ensure your messaging is reaching the right people.

With this change you'll no longer see the option to set an Individual as Primary when editing the Individual; both settings are now shown only when editing the actual Contact record.

Strike That, Reverse It

Using the Reversing Transaction gift type to cancel out existing Gifts is generally the preferred method for correcting data errors, but it can be tricky to know exactly which Gift is being cancelled out. Worse, these transactions can still show up on giving statements.

So we made things a little easier.

Now, click on the three dots in the upper right when viewing the giving data on a Contact record, and you'll see a new option to "Add reversing gift."

Click to bring up a new form, where you can enter a date and type in the ID for any Gift you wish to cancel out. 

The Gift data will be displayed, allowing you to confirm that the correct Gift is being selected. Only Gifts from the Contact you are viewing can be reversed in this way. The original Gift and the linked Reversing Transaction also will not be displayed on receipts or giving statements. Use this feature to keep a more accurate audit trail for gift entry corrections, which is always exciting! Right?

Double the Donation Setup Made Easier

Now that our Double the Donation integration allows for all Gift imports to be scanned for potential matching Gifts, we've made it easier to set up the integration, even without a Virtuous Giving account. 

If you haven't set up the integration yet, you'll see this prompt in the upper left when you visit the Gift & Contact Import page. Go ahead and give it a spin. I mean, who doesn't want to raise more money?

...And the Rest

As with every release, this month's update also includes a number of other fixes, tweaks, minor modifications, and assorted nudges. Among this month's assorted fixes:

  • We've added the ability to import birthdate when importing Contacts via the Gift & Contact Import. Because it's important to celebrate! 🎉
  • Privacy is important. And with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA taking effect, not to mention possible future acronymic regulations, we've made compliance just a little easier. Admin users will see an option for "Contact Data Removal" when editing a Contact record. This feature will anonymize all Contact information, while preserving giving history, for any donor who asks to be removed from your system. NOTE: Once Contact data is removed, this cannot be undone, so use this feature with caution. 
  • Speaking of managing Contacts and data: API users will now have the the ability to un-archive Contacts. You too can bring donors back to the land of the living with a single JSON payload.
  • We gave Recurring Gift queries a little nudge, so now Project Names and Codes will show as type-ahead search values. Hey, memorization is overrated.
  • While we're talking about queries, we've also updated the query operators for the Email List Name parameter in Individual queries. Now, you'll see the same "Is any of" and "Is none of" parameters you already know and love from querying on things like Tags. This will make managing exclusions MUCH easier.
  • Hey hold the phone, did someone mention queries? Because it just so happens that we've also added "Cash Accounting Code" as an export field for Gift queries. w00t!
  • Eagle-eyed users recently noted that primary emails were identified on some screens as primary phone numbers, and vice versa. Well spotted! We've corrected these labels now.
  • The Individual shown as "selected" when entering Gifts in the Gift & Contact import tool will now be saved as the Selected Individual when Gifts are added to Contact records. This will make it easier to distinguish giving behavior between members of the same household. If Individuals require separate receipts, or separate yearly giving statements, it is still recommended that each should have their own Contact record, since giving is still tracked at the Contact level.
  • Users without edit permission on Planned Gifts can now view custom field data when viewing a Planned Gift. Seemed only fair.
  • Since receipting is top of mind, we squashed a tricky bug that was causing the Calendar Year to Date Tax Deductible Amount to be calculated incorrectly. Math is hard. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Gift and Contact imports that are created via Virtuous Giving or API integrations can no longer be deleted. This should prevent any accidental loss of data, since it would otherwise be difficult to track down records included in these imports.
  • We like filters so much, we've even added filter options to the Team page, making it easier for Admins to find the right users at the right time. Or the wrong time, really. Whenever you want to find them is fine by us. 
  • Some users reported difficulty editing existing Gifts and Pledges, which was definitely not ideal. This release includes a fix for this issue.
  • Filters on the Gift & Contact Import page were running into errors when using the "Imported by" parameter in a filter. We've worked a little magic, and those errors will be no more.
  • We gave the My Givers report a little love to ensure that data will load correctly - some users who reported difficulty with time-outs should be a little happier to see this report loading and behaving as it should.

And that's the list! As always, if you have any questions about these or other features, feel free to contact our team using the support widget in Virtuous, or drop us a line at

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