Letters on Demand Are Here

Automated workflows offer a great way to connect with the right donors at the right time. But what if you want a more personal approach? Sure, you can create tasks to make phone calls, but it would be great if there was a way to fully automate something really tangible, something to really meet donors (and future donors) where they live.

Like direct mail.

Yup, direct mail. Email is great, and phone calls are swell, but there's still no substitute for a well-written letter showing up in someone's mailbox. And now, you can make that happen automatically.

With Letters on Demand, sending a letter is just as easy as sending an automated email. Contacts in workflows can be sent letters when they meet specific criteria, like hitting life-to-date giving milestones. And when designing your letter templates, you'll even have the option to include a perforated page with a reply device.

Want to know more? Contact your Virtuous account rep to get started!

Year End Statement Redux

Now that the 2019 year-end statements have all been sent, it's time for the calls to start coming in.

"I don't remember getting my statement. Can you re-send it?"

"I think I misplaced my copy, can you send another one?"

Until now, generating a statement for a single Contact meant creating a specific Gift query. We decided to make things a little easier.

Now, just click on the three dots when viewing the Giving tab of a Contact record, and you'll see the ability to select "Annual Giving Statement."

This will bring up a new form, allowing you to generate a giving statement for JUST that Contact. Select the option you'd like to use (email or print), select the correct template, and then select the year for this statement. Virtuous will automatically collect all Gifts from that calendar year and generate (or email) that Contact's giving statement.

Give it a try!

Who Moved My Map?

We are always working to make Virtuous perform better than ever. And in this release, we've made a slight change designed to help Contact records load faster than before.

Now, instead of loading the "Givers near..." map by default, you'll see that it is located on a tab next to the Communication History, right on the main Overview tab of a Contact record. Want to see the map? Simple! It's just one click away!

Choose Your Contact Method Wisely

One of the other things we are passionate about here at Virtuous is helping our users maintain clean, accurate data. One easy way to do that? Make sure email addresses and phone numbers are clearly labelled.

Now, when creating a new Contact, you'll see the option to set the email type and phone type. No more home phones masquerading as mobile phones!

You Got to Know When to Publish 'Em... 

Those of you who use Virtuous email may have noticed recently that we are trying to make it far more clear when email content has been changed and saved, but not published. Since only the published versions of emails are sent, particularly via Virtuous Automation, it's important to have clear indicators when email content is not published. 

In this release, we are adding a warning when in the email editor that email content has not been published. And when sending test emails, emails that have at least one published version and also contain unpublished changes will include a red warning banner.

For more on publishing emails, check out our support article on the topic.

Do You Recur, Doctor?

This one goes out to all of the users who have requested it: you can now create recurring tasks from the Tasks tab of a Contact record!

No more being forced to switch to the Tasks screen or the Dashboard for these instances...just go ahead and set up your monthly major donor call right there on the Contact record.

...And the Rest

As with every release, this month's update also includes a number of other fixes, tweaks, minor modifications, and assorted nudges. Among this month's assorted fixes:

  • For organizations with currency and date settings other than US dollars or US format, receipt template previews will now reflect the correct culture settings.
  • For Virtuous Giving forms, the option to pass a Project Code via a customized url has been expanded. Now, include a list of Project Codes, separated by a pipe (this thingamabob here: |) and you'll see a drop-down listing those Projects, and only those Projects, on your giving form.
  • Speaking of Projects, we've decided to bring archived Projects out of the shadows and drag them into the light. On the Projects screen, you'll now see a button to view the list of archived Projects for your organization. Select a Project from the list, and you'll even have the option to un-archive.
  • We've made a tweak to our back-end logic to help identify even more possible matching gifts via Double the Donation. Now using Double the Donation yet? Go ahead and get started today!
  • Reference IDs, amirite? More and more users depend on them for syncing data with other systems, and now, we're introducing the ability to export Reference IDs from Contact and Gift queries. Just select the "Reference IDs" export field. Since one Contact can have multiple References, this will add one column to your export for each Reference Source. 
  • We've corrected some faulty links in emails sent when files are added for users to download data directly from Virtuous.
  • You may ask yourself, "Is this Gift Ask tied to a Gift?" and until now, it was hard to tell. Now, we're displaying that data when viewing a Gift Ask. Definitely not the same as it ever was.
  • Generating a single gift receipt from a Contact record was displaying an option to select an email address, even for generating PDF receipts. We've uncrossed all the wires to ensure that email address will only show when actually, y'know, sending emails.
  • API users! This one's for you! You can now set the "Reversed Gift ID" value on Reversing Transactions! PARTY!
  • ...annnnnd that's not all! API users can also set Individuals as Primary or Secondary for their respective Contact records.Just like in the actual app, only a bit more technical.
  • Some restricted users were unable to see certain Gift data, which was totally unfair. We've squashed that bug so users are good to go now.
  • Have you created custom fields for Grants? Have you ever wished you could export the data in those custom fields? Have you always wanted a pony? Well, we've got you covered on the first two — you're on your own for the last one.
  • Nesting Project queries into Gift queries (QUERYCEPTION!) is a feature designed to allow for excluding certain Projects altogether. And we've eliminated a bug to make sure this feature keeps working exactly as it should.
  • Some users noticed that contact methods were not always being displayed properly in the results of the Gifts by tag report. We've made sure that contact methods will be front and center from now on.
  • We've added a new red warning icon that will be displayed on addresses that have been flagged as invalid. 
  • The "Next Due" column on the Grants page will now actually display...the next task due. Whoops.
  • The calendar pop-up when creating a Volunteer opportunity liked to play a little hide-and-seek, which was cute and all, but not super helpful. The calendar will now be easier to access.
  • We've added some better error handling and messaging to the Gift & Contact Import tool for transactions with invalid Country data.

And that's the list! As always, if you have any questions about these or other features, feel free to contact our team using the support widget in Virtuous, or drop us a line at support@virtuoussoftware.com.

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