Once your organization has added Letters on Demand to your account, you'll want to get started on creating letters and postcards right away.

We strongly recommend using one of the existing templates and customizing it for your needs.

If you would rather design your own letter from scratch, you can skip selecting a template and get started. Bear in mind that while the letter editor does have several tools built-in to help with creating your own design, there is a good chance that you will need to directly edit the source code in order to fully customize your design. This will require someone on your team to have at least some comfort level with editing HTML and/or CSS.

When designing a custom letter, it is important to preserve the white space needed for printing, particularly at the top of your letter, where the mailing address, return address, and bar code will be included. Download this PDF template to use as a guideline when designing your letter.

If you will be including a reply device in your letter, you'll also need to make sure your design allows proper spacing for the perforation and return address. Use the diagram below as a guide to ensure you allow proper spacing. 

Be sure to preview and print your letter before publishing, to make sure your final design appears exactly the way you'd like.

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