Once you know how Custom Collections work, you'll want to get started on adding them to Virtuous. To begin, navigate to the Settings page and select the Data Customization tab near the top of the screen. Then, click on "Manage Custom Fields."

There, you'll see three tabs near the top of the screen: Custom Fields, Custom Field Groups, and Custom Collections. Click on any of these tabs to see existing values that have already been created for your organization. To create a new Custom Collections, click on the Custom Collections tab, and then click "Create Collection" in the upper right.

This will open the New Custom Collection form. There, you'll first need to select where your collection will live and give it a unique name.

Custom Collections can only be associated with Contacts or Individuals. Once you've selected an Object and entered a unique name for your Collection, you'll see the ability to define fields for your new collection.

The available options for creating new fields for your collection mirror those used when creating new Custom Fields, including the same Data Types and restrictions.

However, it is important to note that existing custom fields cannot be added to a Collection. Custom Fields created as part of a Collection also cannot be "moved" to a Custom Field Group. While they use much of the same logic, Collections do behave differently from Custom Fields, so the two are not interchangeable.

Existing Custom Fields cannot be added to a Custom Collection.

Once you have entered a Name and selected a Data Type for each field, click on "Add Field" to add your field to your new Collection. If you are creating a List Field as part of your Collection, be sure to create all of the required List Values BEFORE clicking "Add Field," as you will not be able to modify the list values again until the Collection is created.

Once you have created all of the fields for your new Collection, click "Save Custom Collection" in the lower left to create the Collection.

Working with Collections

Once you have created a Collection, it will be visible on all records in Virtuous, and it will also be listed on the Custom Collections tab. Click on the Preview icon to view the information for your Collection.

Click on the edit icon to make changes to your Collection. When editing, you will have the option to rename the Collection, or any of the fields within the Collection, add values for List Custom Fields, or disable the Collection entirely. At this time, it is not possible to disable specific fields within a Collection.

When viewing a Contact or Individual record, new Collections, or any Collections with no entries, will display this information.

Click on the add button to the right to add the first entry. This will open a form where you can enter values for each field in the Collection.

New Contacts

When creating a new Contact manually, you'll hav the option to enter the first entry for any Collection, just by clicking to show Custom Fields. Any subsequent entries will have to be added once the Contact has been created.

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