So, you've already created a receipt template or two. In fact, odds are you've probably created at least one template for email receipts and another for mailed receipts. Now, the question becomes: how to send them?

Why, by using the handy-dandy receipting tool in Virtuous, of course!

You can access the receipting screen in one of two ways:

  1. Navigate to the Settings screen, click on the "Odds & Ends" tab, and then select "Manage Receipts."
  2. Navigate to the Gift & Contact Import screen, then click on the receipting button in the upper right (or, select "Receipt Gifts" from the Actions menu).

Either option will bring you to the Receipting screen. There, you can send receipts in bull by creating one or more Receipting Groups.

Creating Receipting Groups

Receipting Groups allow you to link a receipt template with a saved gift query, effectively defining the criteria for which gifts should receive that particular template. To create a new group, click on the Actions button on the right, and then select "Create Receipting Group."

This will open the New Receipting Group Form.

Receipting Group Name: Each group should have a unique name that makes it clear what type of gift or receipt is included. For example, you might have one group for "Basic Email Receipt" and another for "Email Receipt - Gift with Premium."

Receipt Code: Each group must have a unique code. You can use the same values as the name or use an abbreviation. The groups used as examples above could have simple codes, like "BER" and "ER-GwP."

Gift Query: Search for the saved gift query to be used in identifying which gifts should be included in the group. You may use criteria about the gift itself, such as the amount, project, segment, or premium, or criteria about the donor.

Receipt Format: Specify whether you would like to select an email template or a mail template. This will narrow the selections available in the next field.

Receipt Template: Select the Receipt Template to be used for receipting gifts in this group. Only receipts with the "Single Gift Per Receipt" type can be selected. Multiple Gifts per receipt templates (typically used for annual statements) and receipt templates created using the legacy editing (HTML) tool cannot be included in bulk receipting runs.

Use the Preview button to view a preview of your template to confirm you have made the correct selection. When you have entered all the information and made your selections, click "Save Receipting Group" to create your new group. Repeat this process for each group you wish to create.

Query Tips

When creating your gift queries to define Receipting Groups, keep these tips in mind:

  • Do not include date criteria. You'll be able to define a date range when running receipts, so there's no need to include a date range in each gift query.
  • Use "Receipt Date Is not set" to identify gifts that have not been receipted. Remember, gifts with a value set for receipt date have been receipted in Virtuous. Those without a Receipt date value have not been receipted. Including this in your query criteria can help avoid sending two receipts for a single gift.
  • Use Tags for donor receipting preferences. If donors communicate a preference for email receipts vs. paper receipts, or request to only be sent an annual statement in lieu of individual gift receipts, Tags are the best way to track these preferences. Contact tags can be used as parameters in gift queries, making it easy to include donor preferences when defining Receipting Groups.

Setting Group Order

Once you have created all of your Receipting Groups, you'll need to set the order in which receipts will run. Just click on the three lines next to each group and drag them up or down to re-order your groups.

All gifts selected for your receipting run will be compared to the criteria for the first group in the list. If there is a match, then a gift will be assigned to that group. All gifts that do not match will then be run against the query criteria for the next group, and then the next, progressing from top to bottom. So, if a gifts were to match to more than one query, it will be assigned the receipt template for the first group it matches. In the example shown in the GIF above, a large gift that includes a premium for a donor who wishes to receive email receipts could match to the Receipt - Large Gift query, the Receipt - Gift With Premium by Email query, and the Receipt - Email query, but by moving the Large Gift group up, the donor will receive the Large Gift Receipt.

Manually Set Group

The first Receipting Group listed, which you'll see locked in to the top spot, is the "Manually Set" group. This group will include all gifts where a receipt template has been manually specified during gift processing. It is possible for users to set a default Receipt Template when creating an import, or to select a receipt template when creating or editing a gift. This allows for complete control of receipting, including special circumstances. Gifts where a template has been selected by a user will always be sorted into the first Receipting Group, in order to honor the user action.

Queuing Receipting

Once your Receipting Groups have been created and the order is set, you can begin running receipts by clicking on the Actions button and selecting "Queue Receipting."

This will open the New Receipting Run form.

Select a Receipt Date to be marked on all receipted gifts. Then select a start and end date to set a range for the gifts to be included in your receipting run. Note that these dates will be used to identify gifts by Create Date, not Gift Date. This makes it easy to identify all gifts imported on a particular day, for example, and generate receipts for all of them at once.

Once you have made your selections, click "Queue Receipting Run." This will return you to the main Receipting Groups screen, but all of the groups will show that they are locked, as your group structure cannot be edited while the receipting process is running. You may choose to do other work in Virtuous during this process, and then return once it is complete.

Confirming and Rejecting Runs

Once your receipting run has processed, you will see counts indicating the number of gifts that have been matched to each group. Click on the "preview" icon to the right of each number to view the list of gifts assigned to each group.

If you need to make changes to your receipting groups, or your queries, and then re-run receipting, you can click on the Actions button on the right and then choose "Discard Receipting." This means that no receipts will be sent or exported. You can make any necessary changes and then queue a new receipting run.

If there are no changes needed, then you can click on the Actions button on the right and select "Run Receipting" instead. This will immediately send email receipts and begin generating exports for all PDF receipts.

Receipting History

Each receipting run will be logged and can be viewed from the Receipting History tab. There, you can view the total counts for receipts generated, and even see rejected runs and those awaiting approval (runs waiting to either be completed or discarded).

Click on the preview icon to the right of each row to view more details about a particular run.

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