Each Gift Ask in Virtuous must have a status. Each status represents a stage in the solicitation process, which may vary from one organization to another. As Gift Asks progress through each stage, the probability of that ask being successful should increase, which can also be reflected in the status. These statuses are crucial for working with the Gift Ask Pipeline.

Note: Only users with Admin permissions can manage Gift Ask statuses for their organization. If you do not have the correct permissions, please contact your internal Virtuous administrator.

To create and manage statuses for your organization, navigate to Gifts page in Virtuous, and then click on the Gift Ask Pipeline tab in the upper left.

Then, click on the Actions button in the upper right and select "Pipeline Settings."

This will open a new form, where you can manage all of the Gift Ask statuses. Click on "Add a Status" to create a new one.

This will open a form where you can configure your new status.

Name: Each Status must have a unique name, which will be visible on the Ask and as a column header on the Gift Ask Pipeline. Be sure the name of your new status clearly communicates the stage of the solicitation process that corresponds with the status.

Description: Enter a brief internal description or other notes related to this Gift Ask status. This information will only be visible here, in the status settings.

Probability to Close: This represents the likelihood that a Gift Ask with this status will be successful. Virtuous uses this value to calculate the Weighted Total of each Gift Ask. For example, a Gift Ask of $100 with a 50% Probability to Close will have a Weighted Value of $50.

Closure State: Each status can correspond with one of three Closure States. "Active" applies to any Gift Ask that has not yet resulted in a gift or been declined which will likely be the majority of your statuses. "Closed" means that an ask was successful. "Declined" is used to identify an unsuccessful ask. You may choose to have more than one Closed or Declined status to indicate different outcomes. You must have at least one status for each Closure State.

Is Enabled: Only enabled statuses can be applied to Gift Asks, and only these statuses will appear on the Gift Ask Pipeline. New Statuses will be marked enabled by default.

Once you have created your new status, click "Done" to close the form and them move on to creating another status. Once you have created all of your statuses, just click "Update Settings" to save and return to the Gift Ask Pipeline.

Managing Statuses

Once your statuses have been created, you can click on any status listed to expand it and make changes to the status settings. Any status that is not assigned to any Gift Asks may be deleted. It is strongly recommended that you review and update any Gift Asks with a particular status before you delete it.

Click and drag statuses up or down to rearrange them. The order of your statuses in the settings will determine the order of the columns for your organization's Gift Ask Pipeline.

Now that you've got your Gift Ask statuses all set, you're ready to start reviewing your pipeline!

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