Once you have set up DonorSearch integration for your organization, you'll have access to a wide range of data, including wealth, business information, donor ratings and scoring, and even other charitable giving. Here's a quick guide to all of the data you'll see:

Donor Ratings

  • Donor Rating
  • Quality of Match Score
  • RFM Total
  • Annual Fund Likelihood
  • Major Gift Likelihood
  • Planned Gift Likelihood

Donor Information

  • Business Executive or Owner
  • SEC Stock Insider
  • Foundation Board Member
  • Foundation Board Income
  • Has Namesake Foundation
  • Has Namesake Nonprofit

Donor Wealth

  • Total Charitable Giving
  • Estimated Capacity Range
  • Largest Gift to Other Charities Upper Range
  • Largest Gift to Other Charities Lower Range
  • Zip Code Average Home Value
  • Zip Code Median Home Value
  • Total Properties Owned
  • Total Real Estate Value
  • Property Ownership State Count
  • Real Estate Held in Trust
  • Total Stock Value
  • Affiliated Business Revemue

Sector Giving

  • Grantmaking Orgs Gift Count
  • Grantmaking Orgs Giving
  • Higher Education Gift Count
  • Higher Education Giving
  • Education Gift Count
  • Education Giving
  • Healthcare Gift Count
  • Healthcare Giving
  • Arts Gift Count
  • Arts Giving
  • Societal Benefit Gift Count
  • Societal Benefit Giving
  • Religious Gift Count
  • Religious Giving

Political Giving

  • Political Gift Count Democrat
  • Political Giving Democrat
  • Political Gift Count Republican
  • Political Giving Republican
  • Political Gift Count Unaffiliated
  • Political Giving Unaffiliated
  • Total Political Gift Count
  • Total Political Giving

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